Hate System
67 Chapter 67
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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67 Chapter 67

Chapter 67

And everything went back to normal, except the giant crater with the Hero's party.

'This Hero's is just a stupid idiot better kill him now before he will become a nuisance to me'

Just as Zed prepared to send a fist projection toward the crater with the Hero's party a young woman ran towards him with tears going down on her face.

He ran before Zed and kneeled in front of him.


"Please spare them, I'm willing to do anything!"

Yes, this woman was Sylph, the Goddess that he enslaved.

As a Goddess, it was her duty to protect and guide the Hero's party to grow stronger and kill the demon lord. It was an iron rule for all the Goddess, if she failed to do so she will lose her rights as a Goddess and she will need to feel the Wrath of the God of Creation.

When Zed heard this he had a satisfied face.

After all one may enslave a Goddess if it was strong enough but could he make her obedient? after all, they all had the pride of a Goddess, not even kings and queens had that pride they were even past the pride and arrogance of an elf. It was general knowledge that the elf race was the most proud and arrogant race existent.

So Zed didn't want to waste this opportunity to make his Goddess obedient.

"Well if you want them to live so much as your master I will turn a blind eye for them"

"Thank you master, Thank you!"

"Now now don't cry it will only create more misunderstandings for all the people present, what if they say I bully a Goddess"

At this moment Sylph stopped from crying and said.

"These people know you very much I bet that they won't be surprised even if you Will kill or enslave the God Of Creating not to mention a Goddess"

Sylph said that with a bitter smile.

"Hahaha let's forget about what happened today and go back to our house"

"Yes, master"

The City residents ignored the crater and went back to do what they did before this incident happened.


"Why did you let Sylph go out of the house when she was in that state?"

"Master... I tried to stop her but I saw how she felt and I didn't have the heart to do it, I'm sorry!"

Dao Lin bowed respectfully in front of Zed.

"Ahh it's good if you know what did you do wrong, I'll just turn a blind eye for you after all even I broke my promise to you because of that Hero, I'm sorry"

Dao Lin was flabbergaster 'WHAT THE FUCK, he actually said "I'm sorry", I thought this would be impossible!'

"Sylph this is your new home from now on and you will live here any objections?"

"No master"

"Good then"

Zed was a little happy when she saw how she behaves now. It was like a person swears you and in the next moment, it's pleading to forgive him it was just... satisfying.

"I will go exploring for a while, Sylph, If you need anything ask Lin"

"Thank you master"

"Lin I entrust her to you"

"Thank you, master, I will protect her no need to worry"

Dao Lin was extremely happy after all who knows what reward he will give him after he do this.

"Have a good day master!"

"Have a good day master!"

Drrr The Door closed

"Huh, Sylph you owe me one for this I risked my life for this!"

"Yeah, Yeah don't make such a fuss over it, after all, I'm a Goddess you should be feeling proud that you helped me"

"The fuck with that if my master was angry he will kill even God with a single hit"


Sylph was silent after all who knows how much power he posses.

At this moment Zed was flying above some plains.

It was simple and beautiful, one could feel some nostalgia being here.

"Quite a nice scenery"

|Limited Event Boss Fight!|



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