Hate System
70 Chapter 70
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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70 Chapter 70

Chapter 70

'Huh, he actually survived that attack?!'

'Even I would be greatly injured if that attack hit me instead of him'

'Yet he actually survived'

Now that he used that big spell he was in a temporary weakened state.

Zed wasn't dumb so he noticed him he wouldn't let this chance to go by just like that.

He will use this chance to his advantage if he didn't use this chance right now he would be nothing but a braindead fool.

Zed and Jack attacked him with all their might.

|-1 HP|

|-6 Hp|

|-4 HP|

When Zed saw those numbers he almost fainted from rage.

How many cheat-likes abilities this Boss have?

After just some moments passed the Boss has recovered from his weak state and was preparing to make another big spell attack this time he felt that it would be much stronger than the last one.

"Shit, Think Think!"

"Yes, I know!"

"System give me twenty Nuclear Bombs for 20.000 Hate Points, Hurry"

|Purchase successful, Thank you for your Hate Points Host ^v^|

"Sigh was this your plan from the beginning? Ahh just for those Hate Points..."

Zed extracted the Nuclear Bombs from his Inventory and calculated some angles between The Boss and the Gate.

And SHUUSH he threw them all at Į̵̡̨͖̳̙̱͎̩̉̊ͅḌ̴͔̬̘̇ĭ̴̼̰͍̬̩̣̥̘͈͌͂̆̀̓̄̚͠͝ͅḁ̷̲̻̲̜̆͗̈̽̆̈͜͝b̴̺̈́̑́̋̓͆̐͛̉l̴̥̹̤̬̠̞̺̳̰̀̍́͒͑̇͘0̷̨̟̞͚̿̎̆̄͑̑.



The explosion didn't cause much damage to him if he were to make a rough estimation he would say that he took only 20% damage, but the thing he was after was not the damage it was the force of the impact.

Į̵̡̨͖̳̙̱͎̩̉̊ͅḌ̴͔̬̘̇ĭ̴̼̰͍̬̩̣̥̘͈͌͂̆̀̓̄̚͠͝ͅḁ̷̲̻̲̜̆͗̈̽̆̈͜͝b̴̺̈́̑́̋̓͆̐͛̉l̴̥̹̤̬̠̞̺̳̰̀̍́͒͑̇͘0̷̨̟̞͚̿̎̆̄͑̑ was knocked in the Demonic Gate, the instant he went in the Demonic Gate the Gate

closed, trapping Į̵̡̨͖̳̙̱͎̩̉̊ͅḌ̴͔̬̘̇ĭ̴̼̰͍̬̩̣̥̘͈͌͂̆̀̓̄̚͠͝ͅḁ̷̲̻̲̜̆͗̈̽̆̈͜͝b̴̺̈́̑́̋̓͆̐͛̉l̴̥̹̤̬̠̞̺̳̰̀̍́͒͑̇͘0̷̨̟̞͚̿̎̆̄͑̑ in it.

|Quest Complete|

|Rewards: White Nova Spell|

|White Nova: White Nova is a powerful magic spell used by Į̵̡̨͖̳̙̱͎̩̉̊ͅḌ̴͔̬̘̇ĭ̴̼̰͍̬̩̣̥̘͈͌͂̆̀̓̄̚͠͝ͅḁ̷̲̻̲̜̆͗̈̽̆̈͜͝b̴̺̈́̑́̋̓͆̐͛̉l̴̥̹̤̬̠̞̺̳̰̀̍́͒͑̇͘0̷̨̟̞͚̿̎̆̄͑̑ , it has a very destructive power

and a range of roughly a city. Requires: 600 INT for learning and 200 MP for casting.|

"Holy shit I struck it big time!"

"Although I nearly lost my life I gained this OP Skill"



Zed fell to the ground. Even though he wasn't physically injured he was mentally exhausted from all this.If others were in his place they would long since faint.

Jack already dissipated because Zed didn't have anymore MP in him.

Summoning so many minions would normally tax him very much. He was quite lucky he didn't faint then, but still felt the pressure.


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