Hate System
71 Chapter 71
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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71 Chapter 71

@@Chapter 71

"UGhh how much time passed till I fainted?"

All Zed got in response was the breeze of the air.


|Name: Zed|

|Age: 18|


|Race: human|

|Str: 507

Spe: 72

Def: 301 (+200 from Azure Dragon Chestplate)

Hp: 20

Int: 36

Dex: 20

Sta: 35

Luc: 7 (max is 50)

Mp: 564|

|Weapon: Knife|

|Gadgets: Ring Of Blood|

|Amor: Azure Dragon Chestplate|

|Number Of Minions: 1845|

|Stats Points:0|

|Hate Points:65.700|

"Oh well some shits are inevitable"

"Ahh I feel reinvigorated I didn't have a fight like that for much time"

"Let's see what improvements my secretary did, did he use the dwarves to craft the item that I asked him?"

"Well there's only 1 way to find out"

Zed started flying towards the castle, after fighting like that he didn't have any exploring spirit, after all, who knew what this accursed system would do. Zed was even now a little angry because the system beat his ass with the boss only because it was a little indignant because I didn't want to give some Hate Points to it.


"Shit can even read my mind?!"

|I'm situated in your mind host -_-|


Zed didn't even want to say anything anymore not even think now.

The city was filled with life, like always, people were coming in and out, if you look closely you could observe that many were from other races and countries.

"Hmm why are there so many different races"

Zed didn't stay to observe too long only a little and he went to his home.


The big doors opened.

But there wasn't just Lin who was there, there were many people, they emitted a royal and noble aura around them, they wore elegant and expensive clothes.



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