Hate System
72 Chapter 72
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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72 Chapter 72

@@Chapter 72

Zed was quite surprised to see so many people in his house.

There was even a familiar face it was Adam Reynolds the Trade association master from the Yggdrasil city. The guy in which Zed made a business and forgot to get his money.


When Adam saw that Zed came he was elated but at the same time he was shocked by his power. It was inhumane, it couldn't be considered human anymore but not even demon because even they would just be kids in front of his power.

"Mister Zed, longe time no see!"

"Hi Mr. Adam indeed it was quite a while"

"Ahh you remember my name I thought you will forget my name now that you are so powerful"

"Mr.Adam you're far too kind but I know I'm op"

Cough Cough

The rest of the peoples present splashed out a mouthful of blood upon hearing Zed's answer.

'Doesn't he have any shame?'

'How could he be so shameless?'

Many thoughts surfaced in the minds of the people present wondering what type of person Zed was.

From his secretary, all they could think of Zed was that he was insanely powerful, selfish, greedy and that he could do anything he wants it doesn't matter to who. They thought he was some sort of tyrannical existence but they were stunned seeing that he looked so ordinary the single thing they could see different from ordinary was his ring and chest plate the other was completely normal.

But this was only their opinion others like Adam Reynolds could fully sense his aura.

It was terrifying and tyrannical like Millions and Billions of people died at his hands and were tormented for life it was frightening.

But even so, they put a fake smile n their faces to conduct business with him, after all, that's why they were all here, they are all nobles and merchants wanting to expand their business.



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