Hate System
73 Chapter 73
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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73 Chapter 73

Chapter 73

"Master allow me to explain after you went in exploration yesterday ago these people came to us wanting to make some business with you"

"Ohh really, well thanks for your visit dear nobles"

"What business do you want to do with me?"

"Dear King we heard from Adam about the pump, it was a superb invention, the profits we made from it were devastating, so we wanted to meet with the creator, we were quite surprised to see that your majesty was actually the owner, so I want to invest 10.000 golds in the invention for 50% of the money you make out of it, what your majesty thinks about this?"

When Zed heard that he wants 50% he didn't even bother to talk anymore he just raised his fist and a fist projection came out of it.

|Congratulations host for killing a weak noob|

|Rewards: 0 EXP|


"Oh and by the way think about the words you spoke to me it will depend on them if you will live"


The nobles were even now in shock after the sudden death of one of them.

No one could muster any courage to talk only after while someone mustered some courage to talk.

"Majesty I want to invest 100.000 golds for 20% of the incomes, is this okay for your majesty?"

"Hmm, barely but yes"

"Thank you, your majesty, I will send my men two days tomorrow to deliver the money, I will leave first so I won't disturb your majesty"

He greeted Zed and rapidly ran.

'Holy shit I survived, thank you, mother, for borning me with high intelligence'

If that noble was just an ordinary noble then he wouldn't realize the power Zed has, except Adam and this noble the rest couldn't sense it but this noble could sense it fully, he could even feel his soul tremble from being to close to him.

The rest of the nobles cast envious gazes towards the noble that escaped but now that he went all that remained was Zed and them.

"Do you have any more business? If no you can freely go"

"I assure you"

"Thank you majesty, then we will leave first"

The hurriedly ran towards the exit after they greeted him. Even though they couldn't do any business with him they could at least witness his strength and most importantly their lives. For them, this was more than enough.

"Ahh those pussies they don't even have the courage to talk to me, it's not like I killed one of them"

Zed turned his head toward the dead corpse of the noble that requested 50% of the incomes.

"Or maybe I did BUT that doesn't mean that they need to be so scared of me"

"Hahaha I see that you are the same, your majesty"

"Thank you Adam at least you have the courage to talk to me"

"To reward you for this let me show you something interesting"


"Yes, master?"

"Are the preparations done?"

"Yes master"

"Ok follow me, Adam"

Adam had a peculiar feeling right now, he felt like Zed is gonna show him something unimaginable, he made his mind and followed him.


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