Hate System
74 Chapter 74
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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74 Chapter 74

Chapter 74

Zed and Adam followed Lin towards a specific location in the castle. In their 1 day that they stayed here, this location was inaccessible to them. He wondered what was there that even noble didn't have the right to see even if they were rich shits.

It was a black dominant door with a skull on it and many wind magic arrays.


The big door opened.

Inside were thousands of weapons of all types, snipers, pistols, miniguns, etc.

Zed revealed a devil smile that could make one petrified.

Adam could feel a powerful aura of the military from these things which looked like some weird weapons.

The weapons in this world worked on all living beings which are inferior to SS-rank, to SS-rankers they would need to hit him more times to be dead and above SS-rank they were useless.

The room was very spacious and could fit a total of 3000 people,



Countless shadow figures appeared from Zed's shadow.

The wore a similar expression to Zed.

Lin already saw the power of these weapons, he was shocked at the beginning but he only sighed after all this was his master after all.

Zed's minions already started equipping the weapons. Even Zed himself was equipped like he is preparing for the world's apocalypse.

While they were equipping the weapons, Lin explained Adam about these weapons and his minions he was shocked to the bone by the weapons but further by his minions.

If he had such a powerful army equipped with these weapons how powerful would he be, but the question is what does he want to do with this power.

When they were done Zed retracted his minions back into his shadow.

His presence was scarier than everything he could imagine.

He was perplexed.

"Master, what do you want to do again?"

"Sigh do you want to dominate another country?"

Lin could only accept that his master would try to dominate another country.

"Not this time, my target this time is THE WORLD!"



Even though Adam and Lin accepted that Zed would dominate another country albeit hardly but they didn't expect that he would say that. This was madness, at that time they both remember one of his titles Madman, this was a well-earned title.

|Title acquired: World Conqueror|


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