Hate System
75 Chapter 75
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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75 Chapter 75

Chapter 75

From that moment Zed vanished from their views.

In the next moment, the door was kicked open.


In reality, Zed just moved too fast for them to perceive.

Adam and Lin:



At this moment Sylph came out of her room and went to them.

When she saw their faces she could only ask.

"Sigh Did master go to conquer another country?"

"Not this time"

"Then where he went?"


"To conquer the world!"


"Ahhh well what can I say this is my master"

Adam already knew her when he stayed here yesterday Lin introduced her to him, he was astonished to hear that she was a Goddess, if not for Lin telling him that he didn't need to be polite he would be already on the floor praying to her.

At this moment Zed was already in front of the Demon Lord castle.

The castle looked a little similar to his just that he was a little larger, uglier and it seemed that it was very old and old fashioned. It was like on from RPG games.

Zed flew above the middle of the castle where he saw the largest number of monsters and crashed down like a meteorite.





The impact even killed some high leveled monsters.

Zed held to miniguns in his arms.

They started rotating.

"It's killing fest tonight bitches!"




The monsters here were S and SS-rank they were powerful but under the barrage of attacking they were akin to ants. After half an hour of shooting Zed was satisfied and the numbers of mobs decreased.


Thousands of black figures appeared from his shadow. The monsters were perplexed they were nearly exterminated by a single human now that there were thousands of them how could they survive annihilation?

The minions made the devil smiles on their face and started shooting.





All sorts of noises from all sorts of weapons resounded in the castle.

Some minions even threw grenades.



"Demon lord!"

"Did the Hero's party came?"

"No, but there are people that want to kill us"

"They nearly killed all of your underlings"


"Go there immediately I want to see who has the courage to do this"

"Yes Demon Lord"

The Demon Lord looked powerful he was an SSS-rank and was very powerful. He had a black to purple skin, 2 blue horns and 2 purple eyes and a sharp tail.

When they arrived at the scene Zed's minions were already done killing the monsters and have long since gone back to Zed's shadow.

Zed didn't go to the Demon Lord because he was too lazy to search for him and by killing his underlings it would be easier to find him and it was true he really came at him.

"How dare you come to me, I'm the Demon Lord!"

"Prepare to meet death mere mortal"

The Demon Lord started chanting a powerful spell.

"Tier 6 Spell Blood Requiem"


It was a clear hit.

"Hahaha, this mortal only amounted to this much?!"

But from the explosion, a figure was still standing there intact.

"Ptui was that all? Comparing this spell To IDiabl0 spell this is barely a tickle"


He didn't even finish his sentence and he was only met with a punch in his face.

The speed which the fist had was frightening even with his power he couldn't see it.


He was knocked into a wall.

He got up with 2 bloody purple eyes and went directly into a battle with him no longer talking.

When they made contact with one another explosion sounds resounded.

The Demon Lord made a barrage of attacks and was getting quite agitated right now.

He just attacked him with all he has and yet every time he just ignored his body damage and attacked him with a powerful fist.

He just ignored every attack directed at him and appeared to only know how to attack now to defense. The power of his fists was slightly stronger than his.

'How is possible for a mere human to become this powerful!?'

'He can even fight with me as equal even slightly better'

'And what's with that absurd defense?!'

'Is he The God under a human disguise?!'

'No that can't be right I can feel his aura, a God couldn't be so bloody and insane, I can feel a deep sense of negative feelings in him, it's like it's endless'

'No, I can't continue like this or I'll die I need to contact the god and tell him about this human or we will both have the same fate "Death" '

"Human You won this battle but not the war!"

"Tier 7 Teleportation Magic!"

The moment he said his sentence blood gushed out of his nose and mouth, this must be the price to use that magic.

"Shit he escaped, but to hell with him, he is better at running than battle when I tell the people in the world about this they would piss their pants from laughing I will see then what he will do"

|Congratulations Host for dominating the Demon Lord's castle|

|Rewards: 100.000 Hate Points|

"Holy shit, I struck gold again!"

"This is only the beginning after this my next target is..."


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