Hate System
76 Chapter 76
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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76 Chapter 76

Chapter 76

"This is only the beginning, after this my next target is..."

"The God Of Creation"

A sudden smile appeared on Zed's face. This was a rebellion smile. One Human, One God who will win?

Will it be The Creator of all


Would it be the BUG existence in the world Zed?

These were normal thoughts when someone heard this. But Zed's thoughts were totally different from theirs. He didn't think how is he gonna kill him but what is he gonna do with him.

Or will he be the anomaly that will destroy all living beings and the world itself being the manifestation of hatred?

"Sigh so this moment has come, well I can't say that I'm not excited"

"I don't know why but that my entire being is excited I'll I can think is MURDER, KILL DESTROY, HATE, FIGHT"

"Moreover I'm feeling extremely happy"

At this moment, however, a group of people approached the Ex castle of the Demon Lord.

Yes, this group was The Hero's party!

The had an astonished face. In their front, all that stood was a ruined castle almost destroyed entirely by Zed's battle with the Demon Lord and Zed in the air smiling like a devil. They almost pissed their pants when the saw him, moreover when they recalled what happened to them last time they met him.

That meeting was one deeply etched in their mind. They were traumatized by it. Even today some of them had nightmares and sleep talked.

When the saw him looking at them they immediately kneeled in front of him.

"Please great being spare those insignificant lives"

"Please spare us, great lord"

"Please don't kill us"


When Zed saw this he could only smile and said.

"No need to be so polite, let bygones be bygones, I forgave you already"

"From what it seems I took your place in battling the Demon Lord so as an excuse I will let you and your team to accompany me home, I want to show you all what a real battle is, don't be scared you aren't the one who is gonna fight "

"Thank you, great lord"

They were thankful that he didn't kill them, they will accepted all he had to say after all he was the strongest, all he said was true.


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