Hate System
77 Chapter 77
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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77 Chapter 77

Chapter 77

"Avadon come out"

From Zed's shadow, a majestic and tyrannical dragon rose. He looked arrogantly at the Hero's party but with reverence at his master.

The Hero's part wanted to shout out loud and swear from shock but they kept it in not wanting to put Zed's mood down otherwise they will need to face the consequences.

"Come up now don't be scared he won't bite you"

Seeing that they were scared to go on Avadon even now Zed could only say.

"I promise"

Hearing that they sighed a sigh of relief and ride on Avadon without any fear, they had blind trust towards him, after all, he could instakill them all if he wanted to long ago, they learned this on their experience, this man was dangerous.

"Great Lord, aren't you gonna come up?"

"Haha who said I need a Lizard to fly"

Hearing that Avadon gazed towards Zed like he had something to say to that. When Zed saw this he was Amused.

'Haha a Dragon had their pride indeed'

Zed started flying alongside Avadon.

"Holy Shit! He really can fly! He is like Superman"

"Super who?"

" Forget it, you wouldn't understand anyway"

Zed could only grin when he heard that, The Hero was from his planet 100%

The Hero wasn't blind and saw that Zed grinned so his interest in him raised again and couldn't help but ask.

"Sir, are we from the same planet?"


When the Hero heard this rumor first time he didn't think it was true but now hearing Zed responding so, this was only true.

"Oh yeah, Hero how did you got up in this place?"

"Hah the very classic transportation spell nothing new, I was just walking with my classmates and a teleportation spell appeared under me teleporting me to this world, the inhabitants of this world called me the hero and forced me to be stronger so I can kill the Demon Lord, what about you, sir?"

The Hero didn't want to delay his answer and was directly he was very interested.

"I was reincarnated"


"Sigh well comparing to transportation to another world, reincarnating isn't too far away from it"

The rest of the Hero's party were listening to this conversation but they didn't even know what they were talking about.

"I was transported here to kill the Demon Lord, but why were you reincarnated, and if you were reincarnated how did you die?"

"I don't want to say how I died but the reason why I am here is..."



"I am an anomaly, I do what I want!"

The Hero's party (including hero):



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