Hate System
78 Chapter 78
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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78 Chapter 78

Chapter 78

The wind was warm and it felt great to fly along with it.

But their ecstasy ended when they saw a familiar place where they were traumatized senseless by a certain person who was very close to them.

Seeing their reaction to this place Zed couldn't help but grin.

'What cool memories I've made here'

Hero's party thoughts:

'Please don't beat us again!'

'Please don't beat us again!'

'Please don't beat us again!'

'Please don't beat us again!'


But apparently, they didn't go to their castle they went a little beside the town where a big colosseum was. Lin used the dwarves and some elves to build this place, from what it looks it was very durable and big, this is to be anticipated after all here is gonna be held a big event.

The name which many uses call it was Ragnarok. Lin informed the citizens of the country and even told the other countries, elves, dwarves, werebeasts and more races will be present there with their emperors. This was a big event so of course, other countries couldn't miss it. Even the other three goddesses.

Lin was already in front of the colosseum waiting for them. At this moment Zed and the others arrived before him.

"Are the preparations done?"

"Yes, master"


Seeing that all is done he simply grinned.

All the people were already seated at their place waiting for the event to start.

"Lin show them their places"

"Of course, master"

After all of them had their seat he simply went to the middle of the colosseum. Under everyone gazes, he started talking.

"Welcome to my Colosseum, after all, you heard I think you already know who I am going to fight, but this fight will be 1 versus 2, the other participant will be nonother than the Demon Lord"

When the people heard this they frowned.

'A god and A Demon Lord fighting together?!'

'Moreover versus a human?'


"I won't occupy any more of your time and I will start the battle"

With this sentence done Zed went to the system store.

'System summon the Demon Lord and the God Of Creation'

|10.000 Hate Points for each ^v^|

'Ceh! Black Hearted'

'Ok just do it already Gold Digger'



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