Hate System
79 Chapter 79
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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79 Chapter 79

Chapter 79

The clouds started to appear like it's gonna be rainy. And so it was powerful thunders and rain appeared.

The spectators were frightened a little but they knew everything was under control with their Goddesses here.



Two big claps of thunder hit the earth one was red while the other was golden.

From the red one, the Demon Lord appeared while in the golden one appeared the God Of Creation. The God of creation had little golden thunders circling around him, had white hair, golden eyes, and stars that can be seen in his eyes, he wears some white clothes. He appeared to be in his fifty.

He had the appearance of an old man.

The Demon Lord looked like always.

Both posses big strength.

"Who dares to summon me?!"

"Who dares to summon me?!"

They looked at each other with a little fire in their eyes. They were indignant that they said the same sentence but right now they cast it away because they need to work together to be able to beat this human.


"Despicable human prepare to meet your death!"

"You're seeking death!"

" Haha, I'm seeking death?! don't you remember last time we fought you ran like a coward?!"

"And you when you saw how I beat and killed those people you didn't help them because of fear! , And you even call yourself a god, don't make me laugh, even a dog has more courage than you!"

"Shut up!"

"Shut up!"

They started attacking him. The Demon Lord entered close combat with him while The God Of Creation (by the way his name is Andrew) hit him with golden thunders.

The thunders weren't very effective on Zed because of his high Defense.

While the hits of the Demon Lord hadn't enough power to destroy his defense.

Zed started fighting like a maniac, he didn't care for his body he just attacked like a megalomaniac.

He punched the Demon Lord to the ground.


A little blood got out from his mouth.

Zed didn't let him regenerate he just sent another punch and another to his face , he pinned him to the ground he sited on him and just beaten him ignoring the thunder.

Seeing that his thunders weren't effective he concentrated preparing for a big attack. At that moment his golden thunders transformed in white thunders. The power it emanated was at least triple the amount it was when it was golden.

He threw it with all his strength in that moment Andrew was like Zeus the god of thunder.


It was a direct hit.


"That hurt!"

Even though it damaged Zed a little and made it hurt but Zed has pretty much dealt with the blow.

He already beat the Demon Lord senseless he even had a punch hole in his face the size of Zed punch.

"Do you like playing with thunder huh!"


Andrew threw another white thunder at him.

This time Zed caught it with his open hand.


It was hurting him but even so, he catches it and an evil smile appeared on his face, the Demon Lord was like a baby in front of this evil smile. Even Andrew shuddered and frowned a little bit. Not because of the face it made but because he caught the thunder with just his hands.

That thunder was an attack from all his power yet he caught it with open hands like it was a toy.

Zed didn't stop and threw the thunder back at him.

Andrew threw another thunder in the thunder.


The next moment Zed appeared in front of him and he was just smiling and in the next instant, he kicked him in the head with his foot.


"Hahaha is that all you can do pussies?!"

"And you named yourselves The Demon Lord and The God Of Creation, shame!"

Andrew and The Demon Lord were both enraged but they couldn't even move.

The spectators were more scared of Zed than even their god or the Demon Lord which was infamous for being cruel and scary.

When they saw how Zed beat them senseless some of them even pissed their pants.

Hero's party was traumatized even now when they saw the familiar scene some of them even had some tears on them.

Zed was looking at the spectators ignoring Andrew and The Demon Lord.


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