Hate System
80 Chapter 80 Special Chapter
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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80 Chapter 80 Special Chapter

Chapter 80 Special Chapter

Zed simply ignored Andrew and the demon lord and looked at the audience smiling.

Zed was a little damaged from the battle but was still satisfied.

But... something unexpected happened


Someone shouted that.

Zed was a little confused but he suddenly felt a stinging pain from his abdomen. The pain was getting more painful at the moment.

Zed looked at his abdomen and saw a sharp object pierced his abdomen and blood started gushing out of him. He put his hand slowly there. The hand was drawn red from the blood...

He looked back and saw the demon lord and the god of creation holding the holy sword that pierced his abdomen. The demon lord had a smile on his face while the god of creation had a grin.

Zed saw that they were fully recovered. He looked back at the audience and saw everyone was just standing there quietly and smiling, while others laughed and gloated over this. He suddenly looks at Dao Lin and Sylph who were up and spectating the battle. He saw Dao Lin holding two healing potion bottles with a smile on his face.

While Sylph Holds the sheath of the holy sword grinning.

Zed ignored the pain and said.

"Was this all your doing?"

"Yes stupid shit, so what?"

"But... what about the slave contract?"

"Oh this shit, The god of creation was nice enough to take it off us"

"Sylph... Do you want to kill me as well?"

"Hahaha who would give a shit if you die, you even dared to humiliate me A GODDESS like that you deserve to die"

Zed looked in a corner of the colosseum and saw the guild master and Adam the merchant there smiling at him with an evil expression.

"Baldy, Adam did you help them out as well?"

"HAHA, of course, I would. after all I was promised many riches and other things, why would I give a shit if you die"

"I considered you like a brother..."

"PFF hahaha, brothers are just persons you could stab in back one day and make a profit over it, just die already so I can get my money"

"Adam... you too?"

"Humph don't misunderstand commoner I didn't like you all along I just wanted to get your ideas and make some profit if it weren't for your ideas that could give me money I would try to assassinate you many times, but now I will get many rewards after you die if I helped them so of course, I didn't miss that opportunity, so just die"

All of the spectators were giving smug expression and were laughing and gloating at him.

"Hah so in the end, I was just getting backstabbed by the ones I placed my trust... I forgot one of the most important rules NEVER TRUST ANYONE"

Zed fell to the ground bleeding. His life force immediately disappearing.

But deep deep inside his very soul, a very powerful feeling was struggling to get out.

'Ahh, this familiar feeling what was it called again?'

'Oh yes, it was named 𝓗𝓐𝓣𝓡𝓔𝓓'

Zed was just almost death, on his last breaths.


|𝓗𝓐𝓣𝓡𝓔𝓓 reached the sufficient amount|

|Activating 𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐆𝐄 𝐌𝐎𝐃𝐄|

|𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐆𝐄 𝐌𝐎𝐃𝐄: gaining unimaginable power for a period of time using the power of 𝓗𝓐𝓣𝓡𝓔𝓓|

It was just a notification but this awakened him.






The sky was darkening, the day which was very sunny now became darker than the night.

The audience was scared.

Zed slowly got up and said calmly like it was nothing.

"Now Now no need to get scared after all you will just be dead in a moment"

Zed said it just like that simply not giving a shit.

"Hmmm today is a good night, the sky is beautiful, it's a good time for a massacre"

Dao Lin was pissed off that he didn't die and roared.

"Why didn't you died?!"

At this moment instant Zed appeared before him, he was above lighting speed, he was moving like he used instant teleportation. He sent a kick towards his stomach. He went directly to the wall and died instantly.


"Shut up don't you see I'm admiring the night sky?"

Sylph was amazed by his speed and could hardly muster any courage to shout but in the end, she shouted.


He started dashing toward him with a knife. It appeared that it was made of silver and very high quality, it was the same level as that holy sword. Zed just remained there looking at her.

She immediately tried to stab him but only found that his skin was impenetrable no matter how much strength she used.Se slowly looked in his eyes.

She saw something extremely terrifying.

In his eyes, she saw a burning flame that tortured an infinity of souls, hey begged for help and just died and died again and again. On his face was a blood-red smile and his eyes looked at her intently. He raised his fist and punched her directly in her mouth.

"What I said I'll do when you talk to me like that?!"

Her jaws were instantly broken she couldn't even cry because of the pain and she was instantly met with a foot on her head which was on the floor.


His foot just cracked a little her skull, but he didn't stop there he continued to press harder.

She tried to beg for help but she was frightened and couldn't do anything when she saw his smile like he was playing with a toy.

He instantly lifts his foot and she thought it was over but then...


He instantly cracked her skull with his foot.

The goddesses teleported in his face, to be honest, even they were a little scared of this"monster".

"Tier 7 spell Inner Self reveal"

"3 Powers"

They used their power to go inside his soul to destroy it from his inner self, but they only saw something terrifying, something bone-chilling, that was HELL.

Souls were wandering there being tortured.



Every soul just died and again tortured and killed again and again.

They tried to ignore this and focus on destroying this inner self but...

Some Dark Force appeared, they felt something ominous, it was something so ominous they couldn't even describe.

|Discovered intruders in Host's Inner Self|

|Terminating them...|

The Goddesses started feeling mental disorders, illness.Feeling like they went into Abyss os suffering and torturing.

Eventually, they died.

|Termination Success|

Because the system terminated them he didn't get anything.

Zed moved instantly towards The Guild Master and Adam.

Zed sliced The Guild Master head off and said:

"That was for pretending to be my friend!"

Then he proceeded and sliced Adam's head off saying.

"That was for lying and use me"

He teleported towards the Hero's party and said:

"No need to worry you won't live too just be a little patient"

The audience tried to run but a strange force didn't let them, they felt like if they run out of the colosseum they would instantly die.

Zed appeared this time in the middle of the Colosseum and Sliced in parts of the Demon Lord.

"I don't give a shit about you so die"

He looked towards the god of creation.

Which was pale.

Zed simply smiled.

The God Of Creation sighed thinking he wouldn't kill him knowing that the world will die if the God Of Creation died. But the reality is crueler than fantasy.

His head started falling down to the ground.

|Ding Host killed The God Of Creation|

|Rewards 1 million Hate Points, no exp because in Revenge Mode|

The world started to distort and slowly dissipated, earthquakes started to appear, the sky turned red.

|Host has accumulated enough hate points for transportation to another world|


|Yes| |No|

"What's the price?"

|1.000.000 Hate Points|

"Ceh black-hearted like always"


"Oh well I will do that but first"

'Use some hate points to upgrade White Nova one time and some other Hate Points to upgrade my stats so I can learn it"



Zed could already feel it.

Zed appeared in the sky, all people looking at him in confusion and fear.

A tiny red ball, it was small like a bean and looked like it contained extreme destructive ball

"Blood Requiem!"

The tiny ball started falling down to the middle of the colosseum.


The tiny red ball just touched the ground slowly.

At this moment Zed pressed |Yes| and disappeared.


The little red ball exploded eradicating the entire colosseum, the only thing that remained was a big crater.



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