Hate System
81 Chapter 81
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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81 Chapter 81

All that could be seen is dark, Zed felt like he is moving at an extremely high speed. The next thing he saw was light. He blinks, slowly opens his eyes and he saw something that was very exciting.

"Ha..HAHAHA So this is My new World!"

|Welcome host to the World of cultivation!|


"Directly from fantasy type to cultivation?!"

|Yup, now shut the fuck up I'm upgrading myself to this world|

|Upgrading 1%|





"What about my status and inventory?"

|They were modified for this world, your Inventory doesn't have even an item in it, your status was modified, and some modifications were done to your minions|

"HOLY SHIT? What about my minions?"

|The named ones remained because they had enough power to resist transportation|

"Well at least not all my minions were exterminated"

"Now let's see my new status"


|Name: Zed|

|Cultivation rank: Formation Stage|

|Minions: Kuro, Jack, Lord Grim, Red Smile, Avadon|

|Hate Points:0|

"Holy fuck where are all my hate points?!"

|The transportation fee|

"Ahh ok, WAIT even though the majority of my hate Points were used for transportation there should be some more left, system!"

|I didn't get a tip from the moment I started helping you, wouldn't you let this poor system have some Hate Points in plus?|


Zed was at loss for words this system was practically robbing him and admitting in front of his face plus he even victimizing himself so he could keep them, how could it be so shameless. He felt like the system is going to get his title of Shameless king.

"Sigh, let it be, What about the stats how I am going to advance in Power without stats?"

|Rest assured host, Now that we are in a cultivation world I made a mission panel for you, every time you complete it you will go in the next stage, but be aware the higher cultivation rank you have the harder the mission|


|Kill 3 Formation Stage Cultivators|

"Do I have the stats that I had on the previous world?"


"Good then I should be at the True God rank with my power alone + Red Smile who is an even higher state than me, killing 3 Soul Formation will be a piece of cake for me"


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