Hate System
82 Chapter 82
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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82 Chapter 82

Chapter 82

"Hmm So I was spawned in some random plains..."

"And How to fuck I'm going to find someone here?"

"System what are the cultivation ranks again?"

|Formation Stage,

qi gathering stage

, sage stage,

Heavenly Emperor Stage,

Fairy Stage,

True God Stage,

Golden Immortal,

Earth Celestial.|

"So that means I'm the lowest rank?!"

"HUH? I just arrived in this world, the fuck I can be so weak, I refuse this!"

Zed instantly flew in the north at a high speed. Searching desperately for some cultivators to kill so he can complete his mission to level up. Zed flew for around 1 hour and was pissed that all he found was some mountains and forest with some shitty animals, surprisingly the animals here were way more powerful than in the last world and even bigger. A cheetah was over 3 meters in height, and by the looks of it radiated some qi aura around it.

"Huh so even animals can cultivate"

Zed flew again for around half an hour and stopped at a river.


Zed was angered that he didn't found even one human even after this much time flying and he was already hungry so he wanted to catch some fish to eat.

He approached the river when he was 1 meter in front of the river...



A big sea serpent with the power of a Sage Stage appeared from the river and attacked Zed. The Sea serpent bit Zed and his two big teeth were broken.The sea serpent roared in agony and wanted to run, he knew that he wasn't a match for that human and was trying to leave but how could Zed leave it alive after trying to kill him.


Zed used Deathly Slash on him and instakilled it.

|Congratulations Host for killing an Azure Sea Serpent|

|Rewards: 10.000 Hate Points|

"Sweet XP but most important right now is Free Food"

Zed got from the forest some wood to cook the Sea Serpent.

"How Am I gonna make a fire?"

|Host, I can sell you a lighter for only 1000|

"Fuck off, you already reaped me from the extra hate points earlier now you wanna get even these Hate Points from me, isn't this daylight robbery?"


'Now how the hell do I make a fire I refuse to give this system more hate points!'

'Holy fuck How Am I so dumb I have a freaking dragon!'


"Haa?! So you hid this from me even though you knew, shame!"

"Avadon come help your Daddy here!"


Avadon rose from his shadow and was quite happy to see this world.He could feel the energy in this world much richer than the other one.

Avadon was slightly angered when he heard that he wants him to make a fire from him. After all, he was a dragon, not a lighter.

"Good Good you can go now"

Zed started cooking the Sea Serpent.After some minutes it was done!

"Humm it's soo good, the taste is similar to sushi"

Fush Fush...

The bushes in Zed's back were making some noises and two people came out of it, by the looks of it they were heavily injured.


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