Hate System
83 Chapter 83
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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83 Chapter 83

Chapter 83

"Now that I think of it why the fuck does this snake taste like sushi?!"

"Oh well fuck that shit at least it has a taste"

Zed has eaten the food like he was a person starved for days.

"So this is why people from animes eat so much when they grow stronger their appetite grow as well"

Zed was eating happily not knowing that in his back were 2 strangers.

"Brother Look there is a person there!"

"Shh, sister what if he will kill shut up before he heard us"

They tried to slip away but at this moment Zed stopped eating.

"Come over no need to fear me, to be true that depends on you though"

The 2 persons who seemed to be brother and sister stopped abruptly.

They looked at each other like they saw a ghost.

They gulped and slowly approached Zed who started eating again.

Even though Zed is only a Formation Stage he could still sense someone else qi even though they needed to be in a certain range due to his poor cultivation rank.

"Hmm now that I look closer I see that you are quite injured especially you"

Zed was referring to the male. Who seemed to be in his early twenties like 24-25 years old and the lady behind him looked like 19-20 years old. Their white clothes were thorned and they had both a badge on their chest.

"Sir, We hope that you don't have ill intentions towards my sister, I'm willing to fight to the death if that means to protect my sister so think twice"


Even though the male saw that Zed was even younger than his sister he didn't put his guard down he was at Qi gathering stage but even so he felt a Death Aura around Zed, he felt suffocating just by standing beside him and he didn't even put his aura on him, it was simply unbelievable to see such a young person have so much death aura but he had no other choice but to trust his instincts or it will cost him his life if he would underestimate someone.

"Hahaha! No need to fear I don't have such thoughts, come sit here You can eat with me, no matter how I look at it I have too much food for just a single person"

The brother and sister sighed a sigh of relief seeing that he was a nice person but they were paralyzed from fear when they look closely to see what he was eating.


"I heard from my fellow brothers that even the weakest one has a cultivation rank of Sage Stage!"

"Hahaha don't make such a fuss it's just a big dumb snake"


They were surprised that this person here don't have common sense but more that he was powerful enough to kill one. Their senior brothers from their sect needed to make an expedition to successfully kill one and even then it wasn't 100% that they could kill it and many times they failed to do so leading to a few casualties. The serpent meat was also expensive so they didn't have the chance to even taste it once in their time and could just drool when they were offered the chance to eat it.

"Is it really okay for us to eat it?"

"It's just a snake, more importantly, why are you guys in such a poor state?"

"We were on a common mission but there are some bandits in this forest and we had the bad luck to run into them and they robbed us from our money but they wanted my sister and I refused they started chasing us we barely escaped and the next time we found you, sir"

"Oh is that so, well fate sure knows how to toy with people, just eat and rest for now I won't let anyone hurt you while I'm here but in return I want you to show me where is the biggest city from around here, Deal?"


26 Minutes later

Fash Fash

"Boss they are there but there is another person"

"Huh? It's just a young boy it's just a person in plus we can kill them easily"

The bandits started approaching Zed and the brother and sister who were asleep.


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