Hate System
84 Chapter 84
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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84 Chapter 84

Chapter 84

The bandits which were 13 slowly approached Zed and the others. When they were 10 Meters behind them Zed spoke.

"Stop right there, if I kill you any closer you will dirty those two with your cold blood and will wake them up"

"Hahaha did you heard that boss?"



The bandits started laughing after all one kid just warned that he will kill them all. In their minds, they thought he was retarded or something. The clearly felt that he was only a Formation Stage while all of them were Qi gathering stage while their boss which was bald and wore red clothes is A sage stage, or is it more correct to say were...



They suddenly stopped laughing and had big eyes filled with incredulity.



Fresh blood painted the ground.All their heads popped to the grounds like lifeless rocks while their bodies fell like stones in the water.

"Ahh such weak asses and they dare to flex in front of me?!"

"Oh well I've just appeared in this world and they can't recognize my greatness so because I am a "merciful" person I'll excuse these people with a fair price, their lives"

"Ahh such a merciful person I am, I need to reward myself later"

At this moment the brother and sister waked up from their sleep when they heard the corpses collapse.They rubbed their eyes thinking they were dreaming but they weren't.

The stared at the corpses then at Zed for some time.

"Sir, what happened here?"

"Ahh I was just "playing" with some people, they lost pretty quick sorry to wake you both up"

"Ahh no I'm sorry for not being able to help you and that we made you trouble to deal with the bandits which followed us, I Zhan Tian and my sister Lan Tian are deeply indebted to you!"

"Hahaha don't make such a fuss for something like this, now that you are all good, let's go to the big city, I'm pretty bored of forests"


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