Hate System
85 Chapter 85
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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85 Chapter 85

|Congrats host for killing formation stage persons and qi gathering stage persons which are roughly enough to level up to Sage Stage|

|Kill 20 Sage Stage for Fairy Stage|


|Name: Zed|

|Cultivation Rank: Sage Stage|

|Minions: Kuro, Jack, Lord Grim, Red Smile, Avadon|

|Hate Points:50.000|

'Quite some points for these bandits, this world live to its name'


Zed started calling someone. The brother and sister thought Zed went crazy, he was just calling someone there like a retard.But...

Their facial expressions were greatly changed after they saw his "little" Avadon. Their mouths were agape looking in bewilderment at Avadon. This dragon is a True God Stage! and even more powerful than normal True God Stage! They were scared out of their wits when they saw him. They even wanted to kneel and pray at him if Zed didn't stop them.

"Now up!"



Did he mean to use that dragon as a mount?!

Even if they had ten times their courage they won't dare to. They almost pissed themselves just by standing near it. Even though they were one of the lowest cultivation ranks they could completely feel the Dragon's power.

Zed urged them for ten minutes to ride him. In final they succumbed to him because he said that if they didn't they would make Avadon angry that they didn't view him as worthy and said who knows what he will do after.

They were scared shitless so they embarked on him.

They went to the South for half an hour and they finally could finally see a city. It was just a small city named Wuhan City, that was the information's from the brother and sister.

'Wuhan City, Wuhan city... so familiar'

'HOLY FUCK I remember now this city was the starting point to that Virus in my world even though it was some years from then I still remember clearly what happened...IDEA!'

Zed grinned and was chuckling. The duo were both a little scared of that man's grin. They had a bad premonition about this. Zed stopped Avadon from going further, after all, he didn't want to attract attention with Avadon, such a headache for him, even in another world he couldn't escape it.

"Sir, is there a problem?"

The duo was curious about why he had stopped. Zed simply remained silent and took out his knife.



Wondering why doing this?

Because they wanted to kill Zed, it was a cheap but useful way, they were with the bandits, with Zed kneen senses he could smell their smell, they had the same smell like the bandits, and not simply because they fought by it it was a deep-etched smell like they have been with they from many ages.

Probably they used this trick on other persons as well.

But he didn't kill them after all he needed to find a city he was far bored by forests.

|System I want to make a Virus|

|Congratulations host for unlocking Virus System function|

|What's the name os the Virus?|

Zed smiled when the system asked this question.

"Name it Covid-19!"


|What effects do you want "Covid-19" to have?|

"Make it look like a it's a cold at first then make them die out of the cold!"

|How do you want it to spread?|

"Hmm in this world science doesn't exist so make it like batteries that go from one person to another if touched"

"And of course make it in the form of powder"

|What's the antidote for it?|

"Use my blood as an antidote"

|Cost for Creation: 35.000 Hate Points|

|Reminding host this only works on persons who are Golden Immortal or bellow|

"Good enough, do it!"






|Creation Succesful|

On Zed's hand appeared a green pouch, in the green pouch there is some type of green powder.

All he needed to do was to put it in someone's hand and it will appear like it disappeared and it was done a new epidemic will be created in this world.

Zed only smiled and wanted to test this out.


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