Hate System
86 Chapter 86
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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86 Chapter 86

Chapter 86

A smug smile appeared on Zed's face. It looked like he was gonna do something terribly again.

"Whaahaa, it's time for a pandemic"

Zed could only smile when he looked at the pouch in his hand.

Zed ordered Avadon to go back in his shadow, while he stopped flying and went normally to the city gate.

This world being a cultivation world there aren't any guards after all this was a world where power is everything. If one isn't strong enough then they would only meet a tragic end in this world, only the strong ones can really be free while the weak ones will die.

Zed even wanted to compliment himself for this idea.

Zed entered the city which looked chinese-like

'I'm feeling like I'm in China, cool but not so cool for those around here hahaha'

The city population was so-so but it was quite good for a small City. Zed went to a young-looking cultivator who looked just like the cultivators from the stories from the earth. He had black hair, blue eyes and a charming smile, he was quite handsome.Zed was quite angered seeing that he rivals him in beauty but he pity him from being the first one to test his new "toy" on.

"Hey lad come here a little, this big brother will give you a good treasure"

"Huh? me?"

"Yes, you dummy come here"

'Yes! He's that innocent type who is easy to fool!'

Zed felt like a drug dealer at this moment. But it was more correct to say, Virus Dealer.


"Lad look at this "

Zed got showed the young male the pouch with the green powder.

"Once you put this on your hand and rub it you will gain extraordinary power when in you're in a fight, and because I'm a good guy I will offer this for only 1500 Yuan!"


"Calm down, this treasure is worth it. I guarantee it!"

In this world, a person's net in a month is 1000 Yuan so it was quite some money for a normal person. But by the rich appearance of this young male, Zed deducted that he is from a rich family and he could afford it. Zed put a price on it simply because he wanted to make some money out of him if he was still at it. After all who wouldn't want to make some money while just giving a shit in return.

Zed had a stern expression that looked extremely truthful and innocent like he wouldn't tell a lie even if he will die. But in his conscience, he almost couldn't control his laugh.

"Good, but tell me your name so I can look for you if you lied to me!"

"Of course young master my name is Corona Virus, you can look for me anytime soon you can find me everywhere!"

"Such a freak but alright I will buy it, but be prepared to die if you lie to me!"

"Of course!"

Zed got the money and put some Corona Virus powder in his hand. He started to rub it.

He rubbed it so much, his hands are almost green like the hulk.

"Are you sure this will work?"

"Yes young master there is no way it wouldn't work"

"Goodbye, young master!"

The Young Male only saluted him with his hand as a goodbye.

After the young male distanced himself out of Zed's vision Zed couldn't keep it anymore and started laughing out loud.



But Zed wasn't satisfied so he flew to the sky and went above a crowd of people. He got his pouch and...


Zed used half of the pouch to throw the powder above the person after that he instantly flew away.

"Maybe it's poison, everyone put your hand at your nose and don't inhale it!"

After a few moments, they realized that the green powder didn't do anything so they assumed that it was a prank.

"Such a lunatic!"

"Who was it I'm gonna kill him!"

"Such a degenerate!"

"Ptui! youngsters these days"

But little did they know what's gonna happen the next day.

And the day passed.

"Ugh Ugh So cold, brother help me!"

"What happened?!"

The citizens felt very dizzy, to be more precise 70% of them were infected and all their power dissipated, they had many symptoms, one of them was cold. There wasn't even a need to ask about that young male, by the way, he put it on his hands and rubbed it he was most probably dead.

They realized what happened and went to the city's lord to protest and help them.

The city lord was sad right now because he's only son died because of a disease, he was fine yesterday only that he returned home with green hands. The last word of his was...

"Father, the one responsible for this disease is the Corona Virus"

The city lord didn't know what he was referring to but he assumed that that was the name of this disease. The city lord went to his people who were outside protesting.

"Citizens hear me out, I found the name of this disease, its name is Corona Virus, I will hire a Medicine Lord to cure us and kill the disease so please stop his protesting"

The next day the city lord guards informed them to don't leave the houses until the extermination of the disease is done. So now they were quarantined, the entire city.

Zed who was looking from the sky was almost falling from the laugh. He felt like a God Of Chaos.

Doing what he wanted when he wanted and how he wanted.


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