Hate System
88 Chapter 88
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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88 Chapter 88

Chapter 88

Zed went from the sky and went to another city using a map he bought from this city.

"Heavenly Spirit City, a good name, almost pity those who are gonna be my test subjects"

Zed grinned and went down from the sky, the city was looking majestic and had an air of prosperity. Completely different from the previous one. The other one was like a dump in front of a luxury mansion.

This city was looking exactly like what the legends told us about back on earth. This brought a sense of nostalgia but it was followed by a bit of anger remembering what happened back on earth.

He saw a big building different from the previous ones, there was a big sign made from stone.

"Blue Spirit Sect"

That was all it was on the sign but it was sufficient to know what it represents.

"Quite a big sect"

A crooked idea raised in Zed's mind. Zed grinned.

"Why wait, let's go and register in the sect"

The door was opened. It was a very big door, made of metal. In the sect's hall were many people. With different clothes color. Zed thought they were assigned roles and their clothes color showed others what role that person is. Zed saw a space for a register , it was quite evident there was a sign fixed on the roof of the hall. There were quite some people there. Everyone needs to go with the elder looking man somewhere, after that they will come in a maximum of 10 minutes.

After around 1 hour and a half, it was Zed's turn.

'Finally, I thought I was gonna go mad if I waited longer'

"What's your name, lad?"

No formalities, but oh well he is an elder to a prestigious sect so he has all the rights to be like that, who wouldn't be?


"Zed and what?"

"Just Zed"

"Quite a rare name but doesn't matter"

"Come with me to the testing room, we'll see if you have the aptitude to be an outer disciple"

The elder strength is Fairy Stage,

'Quite decent for an elder'

They went to a pure white room.There was a table with seven stones on it.

"Lad all you need to do is to infuse some of your qi in these stones if you can make 2 to light you pass this test,"


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