Hate System
89 Chapter 89
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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89 Chapter 89

Chapter 89

Zed didn't think too much about this, after all he recently became a Sage Stage cultivator + he has the physical power of a True God Stage. So for him, this was quite easy. After all, he thought that to enroll he needed to be around Formation Stage.

Zed put his hand on the stones and started channeling some of his qi in them.

|Discovered Qi absorption Stones|

|Do you want to channel all your qi in them instantly?|

'Sure enough, this will be faster anyways'

Zed thought it was a good idea after all rather than channel qi in them for some time it was faster with the system channeling in them all at once.


Seven explosions resounded instantly with Zed's decision.

After the smoke dissipated, there were only little stones on the desk.


|System thinks that host has too much energy for these stones to contain, these stones have a capacity of Qi gathering Stage at maximum|

The elder eyes were big filled with incredulity, he remained silent for a while before opening his out and looking at Zed.

"Genius... A GENIUS!"

Zed didn't know why but apparently the elder was very happy so he didn't think again about those stones, he was quite scared that he needed to pay for them but thankfully not.

"Come here little boy, follow me we are going to the next test"

This time they didn't went in just a room, they went outside where a big boulder of around 10 ten meters high which was right in the left of a mountain.



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