Hate System
90 Chapter 90
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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90 Chapter 90

Chapter 90

'Hmm, a boulder and a mountain, a fitting test for someone like me I could say, but most importantly time to show off!'

"Here lad, all you need to do is to punch with all your might in this boulder"

The boulder was big two times a person.

Zed only grinned a little and said with an angelic smile.

"It's my pleasure dear elder"

Zed prepared his punch.

Or rather his finger, he just went close to it and knocked on it.


The boulder was destroyed instantly just by... knocking

The elder's eyes were deeply filled with incredulity while Zed was satisfied with the expression, but this wasn't the end Zed had a more shocking thing to do.

"Now that we are done with the warming let's make the real test"

"Real test?"

The elder was confused by Zed's response, this was the real test what other test are you talking about?

But he nearly fainted when he saw Zed looking at the mountain he wanted to stop him but he was a little too late.


The entire mountain blew to bits by Zed's power. After all, it has to bee know by all people that once you are powerful enough in the cultivation path you can easily destroy mountains and ocean, True God Stage was a very hard stage for someone to be when they are young even though if you persevere and have many tribulations you will eventually reach that stage but with many hardships and you need much will power, even though Zed easily got to that stage.

"Elder Mu Tian prepare for battle someone attacked our sect!"

After the destruction from the mountain, the elders of the sect gathered quickly to protect the sect, after all, Once you have a family you must protect it even if you want it or not! For elders who spent thousands of years to cultivate here the people here were more than family to them. How could they just leave it to destruction?! Protect it with your life!

"Brothers calm down, this was a mistake caused by this lad here who was taking his test"


All the elders were mouth gaped some of them even split out some blood from their mouths.

A mistake by taking a test?!

A disciple just blew a mountain by accident?!

An accident?!

All elders almost fainted from hearing this.

Even though they were all Fairy Stage except one or two who were True God Stage, even though The 2 elders who were at True God Stage weren't taken aback because he said blew a mountain because they had the power to do the same but they were taken aback because he said it was just a young test-taking disciple. They were very old with thousands of years of cultivation and hardships to get their power but just now a kid outran them, how could they not be shocked?

Zed was sitting and was looking at their shocked expression about him and the elder Mu Tian tried to explain to them. The more he explained the more shocked they became. At this point they were just mouth gaped while they were looking at him with incredulity.


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