Hate System
91 Chapter 91
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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91 Chapter 91

Chapter 91

After lots and lots of explanations, the elders dispersed and resumed their jobs and informed the rest of the sect that they aren't being attacked and should calm down.

Elder Mu Tian then came in front of him with an exhausted face.

"You are accepted to our sect as an inner disciple, work hard from now on, follow me I'll show you your dormitory and the sect"


The first thing was the dormitory, which was just a wooden house which was a little pretty and average, it had the basic stuff in it, bed, desk, couch, chairs, window and a warehouse with food, a toilet pretty much everything essential.

They went around the sect, training grounds, shops, trading area, and school.

Inner disciples and higher status people like descendants have access to go to cultivation school we're they are thought pill refining, array construction, theories for enlightenment in their cultivation...

"Now that you know the location my job is done, see you tomorrow at school."

'Did I heard right?'

Zed was going to school, again?

and no other school than a cultivation school. This is a big chance to flex so how could Zed miss it.

'Time to see a genius at work'

Zed went to sleep after a while exploring the sect, after all, tomorrow is going to be a big day for him, and the others, tomorrow he might even complete a quest who know?


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