Hate System
92 Chapter 92
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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92 Chapter 92

Chapter 92

Zed woke up from his soft bed by the rays of the sun with another plan for another day.

"Huh so the big day came, time to win a bet"

"Be sure to watch accursed system how I destroy your self-esteem by completing this quest"

|I'll sure watch how you are pulverized by others when you use those techniques|

"Tsk.Tsk.Tsk you just don't know how to use these beauties of techniques"

|-_- a day ago you said they were trash, useless and cheap though|

"SHut UP! that was yesterday before we made the bet!"



Zed was a little amazed by the system, who the fucking teacher him to be soo good at comebacks.

But he was the host so he needs to have some reputation in front of him.

"Anyways let's go to the training grounds that's my life-saving place"

|Pff even trash would beat you if you use those techniques why don't you just accept that you closed the bet?|


| Just saying ^v^ |

Zed almost spit out some blood from his mouth when he saw this system shameless techniques.

'Is this system my child?! Or how the hell is he so shameless?!'

Zed stopped talking to the system after he approached the training ground, after all, he didn't want to destroy his first impression of him by talking to the air, otherwise, they will think he's crazy and avoid him.

The training ground were practically platforms made of hard stone which are 1 meter high where other is practice and exchange moves while there are others methods to training, in the right of the training platform were big boulders which others equip them and walk and run with them to increase their resistance, stamina, speed. On the left were ice-like and magma-like hot lakes where others use them to increase their defense, resistance, will.

This training ground was specially made for an inner disciple to use, they were inaccessible to an outer-sect disciple, those have to pay 500 Yuan for a day, this was half of the salary of a normal person in a month, this was daylight robbery but none of them said anything, after all, what if they lose even this right and have to train themselves with no equipment made for training. The sect was prospering with that money, it's no wonder it looks so amazing.

The sect have around 30.000 Outer-disciples, 2000 Inner disciples, and 10 descendants.

Normally Zed would enter in the last category, but those descendants all come from rich families that sponsored the sect and are very old friends with the sect leader and they didn't want a peasant to join their ranks. The sect leader was smart and knew what they mean. What if that peasant somehow miraculously beat one of them? Won't what destroys all that person's reputation and bring shame to their family? If the person's family reputation was destroyed of course they would mad and would try to resolve this issue by killing the source, but he was an inner disciple of the sect so they couldn't do that but they will withdraw their sponsorship and break the business relationship with the sect, the sect leader didn't want that because that family has an important role financially, and a sect with many disciples need much money for food, equipment... and things for disciples to grow strong and bring glory to their sect and elders.

So he ended up making that peasant an inner disciple. But if he participates in the annual tournament of glory and gets the first places then he has no other choice but to make him a descendant. But he doesn't think he can become number one after all, even though the descendants can't participate, he would still need to beat all those outer disciples, inner disciples, and even those secret geniuses hide in the inner disciple category, those geniuses are man-eating tiger disguised as a pig to lure the human, the moment he will fight them he will be beaten so bad he will need to stay in bed for at least a month and at the final, he would still need to resist a full minute against a descendant.

Even though these geniuses couldn't resist a full minute against a descendant they were not far from it. The closest one was 47 seconds but at the final, he still was defeated by a little negligence.

In an expert fight like these even a second away an eternity.

The descendants have more privileges than other disciples. They have a private mountain just for themselves, they are the first to get the resources for cultivation: food, pills..., they don't have a limit to stay in the library where they could learn any techniques they want there with no restriction.

They even have a monthly salary of 3000 Yuan just for training, while the Inner disciples have a 1000 yuan monthly salary and the outer disciples are paupers and didn't get any salary.

Zed went on the stone platform and went to one person which looked a little weak after all he didn't want to go to a powerhouse on his first try, descendants were at least fairy stage, while Inner disciples were at least qi gathering stage, but there were plenty sage stage and even a few Heavenly Emperor stage inner disciples, maybe they are those hidden geniuses who hide their power.

The person was a little beautiful and looked elegant, she appeared like she was shy and weak.

Zed wanted to say hi but the saw him approaching and stopped him with raising her hand at him with the meaning of stopping to go to her.

"Trash, go somewhere else and train I don't you to be close to me, just your smell makes me sick"


Zed was angered immediately and was sure of a decision.


"Lady please don't misunderstand I'm just looking for a sparring partner to exchange some moves"

Zed said that restraining himself much, he would swear, cuss and beat her senseless if it wasn't for the bet so he made a little patience.

"Hahaha trash like you want to spare with me?!"

"It seems you are new so you don't know how things work around here so let's spar"

She had a face of disgust mixed with a twisted face that seemed to want to torture him for just interacting with her.

She wears a red dress with long sleeves, golden bracelets on the arm and the feet, she had black hair, red lips, and black shoes. And she had a red point on her forehead.

"Guys look someone wants to spar with miss Xiao Lan!"

"What? Is he seeking death?"

"By the looks of it he appears to be new, pity him though he is gonna stay at bet for some time"

"Pff he doesn't even know the sect well al the first person to spar was a descendant, what bad luck"

"Guys prepare a bed, we'll need it in a moment"

'Ok now I'm truly angered, I was at my limit being called like that just be her but now that other intervene It's not my fault for being "a little" rude'

The others made space for them to spar they made a big circle around the big platform after all they didn't want to be a collateral victim by the attacks of Xiao Lan so they distanced themselves a bit.

Xiao Lan have the cultivation of Fairy Stage which was the minimum for a descendant but even so, she is still an authentic descendant and the most powerful person present here. Or so others thought.





Zed wasn't a little bit upset that she's a female because he had a plan for that too he he.

"What not gonna attack?"

Xiao Lan said that thinking that he already knows that he doesn't have any way to win and wanted to beg her not to beat him. But that's only what she thought.

He approached her again slowly walking towards her.

She was done with the spell and she looked at him that was even now approaching her.

'Humph... Don't know when to take a step back don't blame me then'

She directed her palms towards him and a fire dragon was released from her palms roaring majestically and appeared to want to devour his victim. But apparently he didn't dodge or attack. He simply stands there with a gentle smile on his face looking at the attack.

'Lunatic! Go and die!'


The explosion was a powerful one even the platform was a little destroyed.

'Hope I didn't kill him or I'll be punished a little for that'

The smoke slowly dissipated only to see that Zed was still standing there with no scratch in him or clothes.

He has a body of True God Stage there's no way he will lose to an attack of a fairy stage cultivator.


She couldn't finish the sentence and Zed appeared in front of her smiling at her and slowly moving his head towards her hear and whispering in a soft and gentle tone.

"you're death~"

Cold sweat started appearing on Xiao Lan.


Before she could say something her eyes started growing bigger and bigger just because the palm she got in the crouch area by him. And wanted to scream in agony but she felt like something grew from between her legs and her chest was flat.

The changes could be detected if you look good enough, the spectators already knew what happened.

She just wanted to scream from the pain and from the humiliation she got but she has only met another tragic attack.

'Ball Crusher Kick Technique!'


his leg moved swiftly and cleanly hitting exactly the most painful point. The power of the kick was enormous and ominous it was like a bomb that exploded, even the fire dragon that she launched at him wasn't a match for that kick explosion.

Cracks appeared on the hard platform caused by the kick.

Tears started appearing on her face, she almost collapsed from the previous attack and when she thought it was finally done and knew that nothing would be so painful the fate toyed with her.

'Ball Twisting Hand Technique!'


The balls have been caught then with a swift movement extracted from the ball's bag and then destroyed in her eyes.

She wanted to start screaming only to be silenced again by pain. It was indescribably painful, could say it was the epitome of pain. Even her soul wanted to shatter under this pain. Even her Dao heart trembled. For a cultivator her/his Dao Heart was important it represented her/his very will for cultivation.

All she wanted now was all this to come to an end, finally, there was peace and no sound she could sleep now. With so much pain even a powerful attack couldn't make her scream but...

Zed wasn't done here


Her body returned to normal and there weren't any scratches on any part of her body. Only her terrified expression. She sits on her back looking at the sky with her eyes big open. The spectators were traumatized for seeing this some of them even fainted from seeing this and some had their dao heart destroyed.

Some of them wanted to complain that he has been too crude to a girl but then again they couldn't do that because he was practically a boy when they fought and they were too scared to do that, what if he suddenly decides to do that to us too if we anger him?

Nobody would want a fate like that.

So they simply pitied her.

It was like someone was tortured to death and couldn't even scream but couldn't arrest the criminal because he/she doesn't have even a scratch. Heal and torture if those two were combined something like this will happen.

After some seconds Xiao Lan fainted.

|Bet Won: added 10.000 Hate Points to host account|

|You're the worst and inhumane being I ever saw|

'Thank you for your compliments system. How does it feel to lose?'

| -_- bragger |

Ding Dong!

Ding Dong!

Ding Dong!

"It's the school bell, let's go to class"

'School... let's go see what we've got there'


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