Hate System
93 Chapter 93
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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93 Chapter 93

'Serve her right for acting like that in front of me, Be it God, Devil, Omnipotent If they act like that in front of me they need to be prepared of consequences'

"Holy fucking shit did you guys saw what that guy did?"

"That motherfucker just beat, no annihilated that descendant"

"Ahh, what a scary guy!"

"Boohoo I'm traumatized!"

"Hey, sweetheart come to your meet senior sister here~"

Zed only looked at all this and sighed.

'Ahh, no matter the world power is still absolute, even back on earth it was the same just that power was replaced by wealth, be powerful and you have everything money, women, love, houses, mansions, everything, be weak and you're trash with no future who's just going to die or be a stepping stone for someone'

Some sort of emotion raised in Zed. was it hope? was it love? was it greed? no not even close it was just a simple but strong emotion that existed from the beginning HATE...

Zed noticed it and snapped out of his dreams, Zed just ignored the group of people and went toward the Cultivation School which was evidently named Blue Spirit School.

Zed was a freshman and he looked at the School In Enthusiasm. When Zed saw the school his eyes widened a bit.

'School? This was more probably a giant mansion'

The schools here are at least triple than the ones on earth.

There were 100 classes. The elders and sect leader did so to distinct the power.1 was the most powerful class while 100 was the weakest. The lesser the number the better. Ther Elder Mu Tian already notified Zed that he is in class 2.Normally he would need to be class one but because of the circumstances, he was placed on class number 2.

The classroom was spacious and it was similar to those on earth, desks, chairs, blackboard it was very similar to those on earth, Zed even though he went back on earth but he saw the cultivators entering the class that thought dissipated. Zed took a seat at the back of the class. After a little time, everyone chose a seat and sat. After approximately 2 minutes, the teacher came. The teacher was a male, he wear blue robes, he has blue eyes with black tied hair in a tail. He had round eyebrows and had a blue crystal on his head he had an elegant aura and was handsome he also has a black fan.

He looked over all the cultivators and asked in a soft but demanding voice.

"Who among you was the one who beat my daughter Xiao Lan in that way?"

Zed instantly could feel a chill going down his spine. There was silence, no one said anything because they were scared that Zed would do the same to them if they said anything it doesn't matter if you're a girl or a boy if you fight him you'll meet the same end, but they all looked at him feeling a little scared.


The door opened, the person who came was a girl in red robes. Yap this was Xiao Lan. She was struggling to walk, she walked with her legs spread fearing that she will feel again that pain, even though she didn't fear any physical feel she still was traumatized by that pain and could only walk so to don't remember it, she was embarrassed, her cheeks were red, but she had an angry face.

The teacher was surprised to see her here.

"Xiao Lan, Who was the one who did this to you?"

'Fuck I'm doomed on the first day!'

The students didn't say anything but some were chuckling while others almost couldn't help but laugh but they kept it in because of fear.

She looked among the cultivators and her eyes were fixated on Zed when she located him, with her finger she pointed at him and said in an embarrassing tone.

"Daddy it was him who did this to me please avenge me!"

The Teacher who was Xiao Lan's father had a black aura around him looking with his eyes at him like they could penetrate him.

'Yap I'm dead'


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