Hate System
94 Chapter 94
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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94 Chapter 94

Chapter 94

"Ohh, so it was you?"

"Good, good good"

He appeared very calm on the surface but he was like a Vulcano in the interior.

Zed could clearly feel this, like the others. Everyone in the class could at least feel this, or they would only dirty class 2 reputation, after all it was very hard to get in a class like this.

"Dear disciple, my name is Mo Yun your new teacher, what's this disciple name?"

"Zed, sir"

"Zed huh, quite a rare name, follow me, now that we made acquaintance let's exchange some moves I want to see what you are capable of seeing what you did to my daughter"

Mo Yun said that with a warm smile looking at Zed. At this moment all the class fell silent again, everyone had the same thought again.

'Yep,he's dead'



'Poor guy, dead on his first day'

'Why does no one go get a coffin?'

Cold sweat started pouring on Zed. He could clearly feel this guy power, he was a freaking Golden Immortal, while he only had the physical power of True God Stage, even though it was a difference of only a rank, for a cultivator the difference was like heaven and earth.

"Class follow us, I'm going to demonstrate to you the power of a teacher"

Xiao Lan was excited seeing Zed's expression and that her daddy is gonna beat him up. Who knows maybe he will beg me for forgiveness, but who am I to forgive him for what he did to me. Seeing everyone following her daddy and Zed towards the training grounds platform her smile grew bigger almost laughing out loud.

The rest of the cultivator disciples sat around the platform, Xiao Lan was there too, in the first line observing everything in the arena.

"Disciple, because I'm your teacher I'll grant you your first attack"

Mo Yun said that with his smile on his face but his thoughts were clear for Zed.

'You can attack me, with those punny attacks even if I just stand you won't be able to take me down'


Zed was angered again. This was something he really hated. Flexing in front of him? Might as well committing suicide.

'Acting like that in front of ME?, Seeking death I see'

Zed first thought to traumatize him like his daughter but he didn't want to forty his hands again. But then he remembered he wasn't single he had his minions.

'Tsk.Didn't want to reveal this because I wanted to use it as a trump card but I can't stand this guy!'

Zed slowly approached Mo Yun.Step by step.

Mo Yun was confused like all the spectators.

'Is he going to beg for forgiveness at my feet?'

'Is he going to give up?'

'Hahaha, what a chicken!'

Zed could clearly see what these people were thinking but he didn't say anything just walking towards Mo Yun slowly.

Mo Yun had a premonition like something bad is going to happen soon. But he refused to think that just a disciple of Sage Stage could make him intimidated. If that would happen it will just be a slap to his face.

Zed stopped when he was one meter in front of him.

"Red Smile Immobilise him!"

From Zed Shadow a pure black figure with a Red Smile curled around Mo Yun instantly, tying him up like a rope. Mo Yun was surprised and tried to escape but he couldn't Red Smile's force was too big.

Red Smile's specialty was his defense. If he could curl around a figure around his stage he could 100% restrain him. Mo Yun tried desperately to get him off but it was all in vain in front of Red Smile's defense. Mo Yun even though he was a golden Immortal he was a new one. While Red Smile was a veteran so the power between the two was very big. Red Smile was in a completely new league in comparison to a new Golden Immortal.

All the disciples were scared nonetheless by the black figure. But seeing that it was Zed is ordering it they thought it was a puppet controlling technique or something but something shocking happened again.

From Zed's shadow, another big shadow appeared again. But this time it was way bigger. By the time they could clearly see it he was already in front of Zed. Yes, it was Avadon.

Avadon was very excited seeing that Zed uses him again other than flying. He smirked when he saw Mo Yun immobilized in front of him. Mo Yun was scared shitless by the dragon. The Dragon was a peak True God stage, while he was a new Golden Immortal so he was almost as powerful as him. Combined with the figure that's tying him up this duo could easily kill him.

"Dear Disciple, you won't kill your teacher like this right?"

A Devil Smile appeared on Zed's face.

"Kill, I, no no no, how could you think about me like this?"


Mo Yun could only sigh seeing that Zed is not that bad and would release him.

But the reality wasn't that merciful.

"Without a beating how could I kill you, but rest assured I won't kill you because you're my teacher"

"Avadon you know what you need to do"

Avadon responded with a big grin.

Zed thought a lounge chair and a lemonade sitting there admiring the spectacle.

Crack Crack Crack

Avadon pushed his bones and prepared a big punch.



The punch landed directly on Mo Yun's face.

His face was very hard evidently because he was a higher stage so he had high resistance. But this was apparently a good thing for them because of the higher the defense the more beating he gets.

Booom Boom Boom


Kicks, punches one after another arrived on Mo Yun's head.




"Stop it!"

Xiao Lan scream but she only got a cold glare from Zed from which she suddenly stopped and called on her ass immobilized, she still has the trauma so she can't do anything about this.

Screams and shrieks could be heard from all the schools. Even other teachers heard this but they thought it was Zed who screamed like this so they ignored it.

After hits and hits continuing like this for some hours, Zed was bored so he stopped Avadon and Red Smile. Red Smile and Avadon left with a smirk on their face before going to Zed's Shadow.

"Ahh, let's see what we got"

Mo Yun's body was on the floor staying there like a dead corpse, but he wasn't dead, all of them could clearly sense vitality in him, even though it was little there was still sufficient for living so his life wasn't in danger.

Zed put his hand on his head and pulled his hair up wanting to see his face. There were scars one blood gushed out from his nose, eyes, and mouth. It was horrific even to look at.


Zed let go of the hair making his head hit the floor again.

"Poor teacher, He battled for too much and was sleepy so he sleeps tight now, does everyone thinks like that as well?"



"Of Course"

"That's the truth big brother!"

"Good then, let someone carry him to a hospital or something and let's go back to class"

"Yes, brother"

"Of course"

The rest silently nodded not daring to say another word.

Clearly without saying they were traumatized. Xiao Lan got something good out of this at least, she wasn't the single traumatized.


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