Hate System
95 Chapter 95
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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95 Chapter 95

Chapter 95

They went back to class, all of them sat on their sit silently.

Ding Ding Ding

The bell ringed signaling the start of the 2nd hour. This hour was Sword Immortal hour. Which was pretty self-explanatory. They will learn the divine dao of the sword. Emerging one with the sword. One strike can destroy the heaven and devastate the earth.

The cultivators with Zed went to the back of the school where their new professor who is responsible for teaching them the way of the sword was standing waiting for them.

"Hoo, quite some good seedling"

The teacher looked in his mid-thirty, he has some muscles but they weren't in supra dose, it was just the perfect amount. Which was very good for evading and agile, while providing a satisfactory defense. He had short red hair with a red beard and mustache. With some sharp brown eyes. And a long sword in his death, it was half a meter, but it wasn't ordinary, one could hear the cries of a phoenix that reside within it and an ominous aura surrounding it. It was obviously something out of ordinary.

All the cultivators in Zed class including Zed bowed and said in unison.

"Greetings Sword Immortal teacher Cao Dan!"

"Hmm, decent!"

"Good day everyone, I'm your Sword Immortal teacher, Cao Dan, Golden Immortal Stage"

"As you all know I'm responsible for teaching you the divine dao of the Sword"

"As you may know, One Sword is enough for someone to destroy heaven and earth with a single stroke if someone is putting enough effort..."

All the cultivators except Zed were listening with great attention trying to comprehend what the teacher said, after all it was quite hard to gain enlightenment single, having a teacher explaining is a great help. Except for Zed who seemed very bored. But it was normal after all he was a crazy fight junkie who could only level up through killing, he didn't even one time tried to cultivate so this was normal. Cao Dan saw his expression which angered him and wanted to teach him a lesson for his life.

"Lad you seem a little bored if you're so powerful then let us see what are you so made of so you can just be so bored of my lesson"

"Teacher no, no!"

"Teacher please don't do that!"

"Aayay someone one more coffin please!"

"SHUT UP, don't you see your teacher is gonna make this lad learn a lesson?"


Hearing this they were a little angry at him for ignoring their warnings, so they may just as well let him face hell, after all, they tried to tell him, it was his fault for not listening. They made space in the form of a circle to let them battle.

Cao Dan put in a fighting stance while Zed was just standing there dazed.

'Hmm, what to eat tonight?' This was all that was bothering Zed now.

Cao Dan saw that the lad simply ignored him so his anger grew a little bit.

'I'm gonna teach this lad a lesson for his life so he won't forget'

Cao Dan took out his sword from the sheath.


An explosion made of fire was released when the sword was withdrawn.

The sword was on fire while flying phoenixes were flying around the fire sword which was emanating a frightening aura enveloping the entire backyard of the school.

Loud battle cries of phoenixes resounded in the entire school.

But they ignored it thinking that the teacher is showing some moves for their students to learn and be enlightened.


Zed got out of his thoughts only to see this old man screaming at him.

"Oh Shut up already, I was just thinking what to eat tonight and when I was finally decided what to eat you interrupted me, I see I need to teach someone al lesson again!"

"Poor teacher"

"Hais... rest in peace"

"Ahh he appeared to be a good teacher with a bright future pity he will end up here"

Cao Dan ignored them and just appeared in front of Zed holding his sword slashing toward him.

"Red Smile!"


Red Smile entangled himself on Cao Dan rendering him completely immobilized.

"WHAT? I can't escape!"

Cao Dan was struggling to get out from Red Smile but it was rendered useless he won't budge, even though he was a veteran in Golden Immortal Stage he still couldn't take him off. All of his hair suddenly felt like they came back to life and want to run. It was evidently a Deja Vu. His battle instincts were all telling him to run as far as possible from Zed.

"Hmm, I decided what I'm gonna do with you he he he!"



'System upgrade Ball Crusher Kick technique and Ball Twisting Technique'

|Are you really sure about this?|

'Why not?'

|*Sigh* nothing|

|2000 Hate Points in total|

|Buy it or not?|

'Buy It!'


With this information, Zed could feel information going into his consciousness. When he tried to remember the techniques they were like he knew them from when he was in the womb. He could clearly feel the changes.

Cao Dan's battle instincts were screaming at him to run with all his might sensing Zed, but he couldn't escape because of this shadow figure with a devil red smile. He tried to implore Zed to release him but to no avail he just ignored him.

Zed looked at him and he started chuckling.

"No No stay away from me"

"Hehe he don't move it will be over in no time and it won't hurt~"

"Ahh who am I kidding, of course, it will hurt much and it will take a long long time to end"

At the corners of his eyes, the cultivators could see some tears. Cao Dan wanted to suppress his tears but his body made them come to the surface on its own.

"Descendents Destroyer Kick!"

At this moment black clouds started forming on the sky while the sun darkened a bit. Heaven and earth were silent. The single sound that resounded is the explosive force of the kick.


Once it touched its target the explosive force took place, the force was comparable to a mini-nuke. The sound of the explosion was accompanied by the screams and shrieks of Cao Dan who could feel the explosive forcefully, the kick was so powerful that his balls were destroyed he couldn't fell them at all moreover the kick was more powerful than that, the leg advanced toward his stomach, with blood and gastric acid coming out of it, the kick stopped there. He wanted to faint but only to see that that wasn't the end.

"Hand Of Torment!"

Zed's hand went directly and fast toward the crouch area of Cao Dan, getting his balls out of it accompanied by Cao Dan's cry of agony.

'System buy me a table and a hammer'

|-12 Hate Points|

Instantly a table with a hammer on it appeared beside Zed.


Zed put Cao Dan's balls slowly on the table, he then got the hammer in his hands smiling devilishly in front of Cao Dan.

Cao Dan could barely talk.

"No, please no"

"Hahaha try me, bitch!"

Zed instantly started hammering Cao Dan's balls that were on the table in front of his eyes. But he didn't cry, but that was only because he cried too much that he hadn't any more tears to shed.

After Zed was done all that remained of his balls was just some disgusting and gore pile of the balls.

After that, the place was silent once again. Sensing the silence Cao Dan was happy he thought that it was done.

"Huh, Did you really think that it was done, Hahahaha ha, no no no, this is only the begginning~"

Cao Dan couldn't scream anymore his lungs gave out from all that screaming, but his eyes were fully opened looking at Zed with fear.

'System buy me 2 max healing potions'

|5000 Hate Points want or not|


|-5000 Hate Points|

Two Red potion appeared in Zed's pockets.

He retrieved one and poured it on the pile. And the pile regenerated back in the balls.

He then took his balls then he put his balls back in his crouch area where he poured another potion on him, he was fully regenerated.

But Cao Dan was still scared, after all, why would he heal him after tormenting him so badly?

He then paled again, his battle instincts roared again, a familiar feeling.

"Descendents Destroyer Kick!"



He was going into this hell of a feeling again. He just healed him just so he could do this again, was he such a psycho?

"Did you really think that I will just do the same thing? Hahaha no no no, I will do something new for you, after all you don't want to be bored with this attack right?~"

He then ordered Red Smile to move hi on the table.Zed retrieved the hammer again in his hand.

He extended his hand towards the Cao Dan crouch area where he pulled something long and full of vitality which I won't say its name. He Looked at Cao Dan's face smiling with a warm smile of an angel, but all that Cao Dan could see was the Devil himself.


One hit with the hammer on the pipe.


Second hit





Nine hundredth


1 million seventy hundred thousand ninety-three hit

At this point, the pipe was no longer a pipe more like a purple nail which was thin and flat like a paper.Cao Dan Didn't even scream anymore he fainted.

'System another potion please'

|-2500 Hate Points|

'After all, I can't treat my teachers bad, they are my teachers after all'

He poured the potion on Cao Dan, without a need to say he was fully healed but was still in a deep sleep.

At this point, the cultivator classmates were horrified, spectators, some were shaking, others crying, others fainted while the powerful ones didn't say anything.

"Yes, I know what to eat tonight!"

Zed attention went to the Sword of Cao Dan.

He opened it.


The sword was in flame while a phoenix went out from it.Most likely it was the spirit of the sword.

"Hello, my dear food~"

"It's decided I will eat chicken wings tonight!"


Red Smile killed the Phoenix who was a bit powerful but in front of a final Golden Immortal Stage cultivator, it was just a weak chicken.


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