Hate System
96 Chapter 96
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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96 Chapter 96

Chapter 96

Ding Ding Ding

Thus the first day of school ended.

'Tsk. Was this all, oh well I'm pretty so I'm going to a restaurant or something'

The rest of the disciples only looked at Zed's figure walking to the exit of the sect only after he went through the front door did they regain consciousness from their daze.

"Holy Fuck we survived!"

"Mommy I'm so happy that I'm alive!"



Zed explored the city and after a walk of around half an hour, he finally saw a decent restaurant.

"Divine Taste... Quite an original name I think, oh well let's see what it got for me"

The restaurant was a two-story building, painted in a bright red. The interior was quite normal and decent, wooden tables with comfortable chairs. On the walls, you can see life-like dragons made of dazzling flames. It was quite agglomerated by commoners. The ground floor was for commoners while the floor number two was for great families and Sects disciples, the commoners could only dream going there but for Zed, this was just a walking in the park, evidently this applied to others disciples of great sects who had the same privileges.

Zed went to the second floor. This floor emitted a noble aura, the persons here were evidently disciples from the sect because Zed could clearly feel strong qi in them.

There quite a few powerful ones, even though the strongest one of them was a True God Stage cultivator it was still very powerful to other peoples.

Zed sat at a table alone, he picked up the menu and looked at the food served here.

There were many delicacies 5 Star Crocodile Meat, 7 Star Roc omelet, 3 star Crab Meat in Heavenly sour sauce...

But Zed didn't even look at them his attention was attracted by another food, Instant Noodles. It was food he really wanted to eat again, it gave him a sense of nostalgia.Back on earth, he liked very much Instant noodles. Even though he bought them because they were cheap and he had a low salary he still liked them. Even here they were cheap, only 13 Yuan.

"Sir did you decided what do you want to order?"

A beautiful waitress was already beside his table. She had white hair, green eyes, she was tall and she wore a black maid outfit.

"I want Instant Noodles"

"Uhh, 13 yuan sir"

Her expression went an 180 grades when she heard what was his command, she thought he was quite a rich guy because he entered the second floor but only to see he was a pauper.Zed was quite angered by her reaction but didn't say anything and gave her 13 yuan.

"Sir May, I know which sect are you and what class?"

Evidently she suspected Zed that he wasn't a disciple or from a powerful family.

"Blue Spirit Sect, class 2, the name's Zed"

She was a waitress there, so normally he needed to memorate all the names of the sects in this city and the members in it, lucky for her that there aren't many that can pass the test to enter the sect so she could memorate them.

"Thank you sir, your command will arrive soon"

And she left and came back after another 5 minutes with the instant noodles.

"Enjoy your meal~"

Zed ignored her and started eating.

'Ahh such a familiar taste, I missed them'

"Hey stupid cunt, if you came here to buy something expensive how could you eat something so poor here HUH?!"

Zed was a little irritated but he ignored him because he wanted to savor his meal.

"Hey didn't you hear me?"


The random guy punched the instant noodles, the noodles went on his face and hair, making him look like a clown.

"My name is Xiao Kong, I'm a True God Stage and I'm in class 37 In Blue Spirit Sect, remember my name"

"How could you eat something so cheap here?"

"Hey, waitress are you sure he is a disciple he looks like a poor guy?"

Cold sweat started to appear on the waitress's face, she knew what class he was, so evidently he was very powerful so she knew what will happen to that guy, she instantly left.

"Huh, why did she ran like that?"

Xiao Kong suddenly felt chills going down to his spine, even his spirit shaken.

'ALRIGHT! I decided I will pursue the dao of TORTURE!'


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