Hate System
97 Chapter 97
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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97 Chapter 97

Chapter 97

"Good, Good good!"

Zed grabbed Xiao Kong's neck instantly. Xiao Kong was scared instantly by the speed of which he grabbed him. It was so fast that even with his True God Cultivation Stage he still couldn't see what happened. He tried desperately to escape but it was all in vain.

'Holy Fuck! Is his hand made of Metal?!'

Zed ignored Xiao Kong's struggles and looked around he saw where the bathroom was.

'It wouldn't be good if I disturb someone else meal with my 'little game' I'm about to play with him'

Zed there Xiao Kong in the air then grabbed his right leg, he then proceeded to drag him in the bath. Xiao Kong state was like a pig struggling to escape the slaughter and Zed was the devil that was gonna eat him.

After Zed was in front of the bathroom he threw him in the bathroom smiling then he entered closing the door.


The door was locked.

Xiao Kong looked at Zed like he was looking at a demon who is gonna take his life.

"What do you want to do?"

"No NO stay away from me!!!"


2 Hours have passed. In these 2 hours, all that you could hear in the restaurant was the agonized cries of Xiao Kong being slaughtered then revived only to be slaughtered again mercilessly.

Xiao Kong was in extreme pain but he was more terrified to see Zed's expression. He had an expression like he was in an extreme pleasure state. He actually liked to do this so much?!

After these 2 hours, the agonized cries stopped abruptly.

'Has it finally stopped?'

The manager and the waitress were both there.The waitress informed the manager about the incident after that the manager arrived in the room only to hear that they went into the bathroom. He tried to open the bathroom but it was closed from inside and all he could hear agonized cries and shrieks full of despair so he didn't want to intervene after all who knows maybe he will anger him and he will be in the place of that person.


The door opened

Zed exited the bathroom with a peculiar expression.It was like he just came back from cloud nine.

But he had in hand a plastic bag with some meat in it.

The waitress and the manager didn't even want to know where that meat came from.

Zed went to the manager and waitress.

"Are you the manager?"

"Yes, sir what may I help you with?"

"If you are nice enough could your restaurant cook this meat for me?"

"Of course sir"

The manager quickly grabbed the plastic bag with the meat in it and went to the kitchen.

Zed smiled at the waitress and went quietly to his table waiting for his command.

After 20 minutes the command came.

"Have a good meal sir"

"Thank you"

On the plate was a steak-like meat, it was very dry and had a peculiar taste.

'Good enough'

After he was done eating the manager came again. He wanted to give conduct Zed to the restaurant exit.

"I hope you had a good meal dear guest, also may I know what type of meat was that, if it's not too problematic for you sir"

"Sure the meat is called Xiao Kong Meat"

"Is this a rare animal meat, I haven't heard the name of such an animal before"

"You could say so"

Zed almost laughed out loud he barely could keep it in.

"Have a nice day guest"

Zed went back to his wooden house to sleep.

Zed laid in his bed slowly blinking looking up at the roof.

'Huh, so this is my first day in this sect...'

'Oh well I had worse'


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