Hate System
98 Chapter 98
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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98 Chapter 98

Chapter 98




"... wha?"

Zed slept comfortably but was woken up by big noises outside the house.

"what the fuck is happening outside, can't a good man die peacefully?"

Zed slowly opened the door only to see a big group of cultivators. They were very powerful, fairy stages, true god stages, 2 golden immortals and there was even 1 Earth Celestial. But it was strange they emitted a similar aura. But it all makes sense once he saw 2 people who walked funny and 1 person who wore gypsum on the lower half of the body. Yap, they were non-other than Xiao Lan, Mo Yun, and his teacher.

The 2 golden stage took the initiative to go in front of him.

"You dare to traumatize 2 of our Yun Family prodigies?! You're courting death lad!"

"You killed my son! He was our Kong's family successor, You need to die today brat!"

They prepared spells but they were stopped by the Earth Celestial cultivator.

"Stop, I want to say something to him"

"Of course Sect Lord, Hai Tian how could we refuse you?"

"Yes, sect leader Hai Tian"

Zed was disgusted to see these 2 people acting like that, they were akin to dogs, no I would offend dogs by putting them in the same slot like them, these are human trash who would do anything, utterly trash. Zed had only disgust and hatred for people like these, after all, back on earth his father once tried to sell him for money just because he didn't want to see me, fortunately he couldn't sell Zed because he was found by police, but the police only warned him to don't repeat this.

While Zed's hatred started growing the Sect leader started talking to him.

"Lad I wouldn't interfere in your affairs but you injured one of our teacher which is punishable by death"

Around Zed's house, all disciples gathered around so he wouldn't allow Zed to escape, gloating at his misfortune and laughing at him.

"Hahaha, this guys is death for sure"

"Hehe, he do you even need to say that?"

"Hurry up and die trash"

"Ugh.. disgusting"

Xiao Lan, Mo Yun, and his teacher are looking at him with big smiles on their faces.

The Sect leaders prepared a spell. The heaven and earth trembled the sky is darkened and cloudy.

While you could only hear big blue thunders resounding in the entire heaven and earth. The clouds started dispersing only for a Big golden Shiny sword which was thousands of kilometers long to be seen.

This was the power of an Earth Celestial. If one had enough power they could destroy heaven and earth, drink oceans, pulverize mountains. Every world is based on the rule of Survival of the fittest.

Back on earth, it was the same only that the power was replaced by wealth.


The sword started moving forward Zed at an alarming speed.



"I'm betrayed again and again and again, JUST WHY ALWAYS ME?!"

|Current state of mind perfect to use Hate Consuming Technique|

|Hate Consuming Technique: Consume Hate from the host and converting it into power|

|Use it?|

|Yes| |No|

"Hah, ha haha HhahahhahaHHAHAHHAHA, well at least I have you system"


BOOM the Golden Shiny Sword landed directly on Zed, it was a clear it, n matter in which angle they looked it was a clean hit. Big dust covered the explosion location, as everyone prepared to go, the dust disappeared and they could see Zed standing there motionlessly.

"Hos did he..."

They couldn't think too much before some sort of black energy started gathering in Zed, although they couldn't see it they could feel it. It was growing at an alarming speed just a moment and it already outran the dimension of the sword. The dimension was colossal one couldn't see the end, it was like a different universe growing infinitely.

'Is this my hatred?...'

When Zed used that technique all the hatred from before disappeared and he was calm again but when he thought about what they did he started feeling more and more hatred.

|Warning Warning, too much hate, entering berserk mode to use the hatred|

Just as the system finalized the phrase Zed was instantly filled with all that hatred. All that colossal infinitely expanding universe of hatred started filling Zed's body.



Zed's voice started transforming into another voice. It was a voice that started from high pitch then went to a low pitch then again high pitch, it sounded like a demon who came from hell.

The pain was so great that he thought he would go mad.

If someone now would shot him in his head, Zed could simply ignore the paint, it wouldn't even tickle because of this pain.

Around Zed's eyes could be seen red arcs of thunder appearing and disappearing one after another.

Zed's eyes were purely black while black liquid started pouring from his mouth and eyes slowly but in the middle of the sockets were 2 red dots that were glowing red they looked like they were trying to kill anything they see imbued with the dao of killing psychotically. Zed's muscle grew and then contracted again and again. It looked like all the muscles were contracting in the same place to strengthen the body. Zed's black hair grew long and stopped growing when it reached the chest.

His teeth grew a little. After some moments the earth under Zed trembled.


Zed disappeared from the spot appearing right in front of Hai Tian looking directly in his eyes at a close distance from his face smiling at him devilishly. Hai Tian couldn't react in time before Zed Already Punched him with all his might in the face, But Zed wasn't done another punch in the stomach, another in the leg and another and another, again and again, after on hit landed successfully instantly another hit would hit another spot. Hai Tian couldn't even scream he was reduced to mincemeat. Even though it was only an instant all of this happened, The 2 family heads prepared to run but how could Zed allow this.

A wicked smile appeared on Zed's face.

In an instant, he appeared in front of the 2 family heads.



2 punches and they were pummeled to the ground, they were severely injured.

"Hand Of Torment!"

Zed used Hand of Torment but it wasn't in the form of a palm it was in the form of a punch.

Zed attacked the lower part of their bodies.

"Hand Of Torment!"

"Hand Of Torment!"

again and again, repeating one after another punch. The heaven and earth trembled while you could also hear the 2 family heads screams and shrieks, they were screaming at the top of their lungs.

Until they finally died because of this.

The disciples started running but Zed couldn't care less, after all how ould they run from him.

He appeared in the back of a disciple.


His hand got through his stomach.

Zed instantly disappeared and appeared in the back front of another disciple laughing then punching him in the head.

BOOM his head his the ground and the disciple died.

Zed was getting more and more amused, the more he killed the more pleasure he felt, he looked like a crazy psycho who was mad.

And kill

and slash

and kill




One after another the disciples died until there was no survivor, the entire sect was filled with fresh corpses, blood flowing the sect. You could even see the ghost of the people who died here, there were too many to even count.

How could Zed miss this. He appeared in the center looking crazily at the ghosts. The ghosts saw Zed, they moved forward to kill him, after all, they were killed by him and their souls wouldn't get peace and reincarnate until he was dead. Zed tried to slash the ghost but saw that his hand slipped through them. The ghosts seemed happy, they had now the chance to kill him but they were scared again by the next scene. Zed started laughing again. His body was covered by a black layer of energy. He then appeared in the back of one ghost, successfully catches it and then puts its head in his mouth.


He took a bite and he engulfed its head the rest of the ghost's body called on the ground. Zed then grabbed the rest of the body and then heated it like it was spaghetti.

Zed laughed maniacally then his hands grew bigger, the hands grabbed a bunch of ghosts, then Zed directed them to his mouth.

Crunch Crunch


Zed proceeded to another bite and another until eventually the ghosts were all eaten.

Evidently the ghosts tried to escape but they couldn't move out from the place they died so they could only watch silently as they waited for their turn to be eaten.


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