Hate System
99 Chapter 99
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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99 Chapter 99

Chapter 99


Zed's face started to dilate, his hate was so big that his current body couldn't contain it. The hate energy surrounding his body started to manifest itself. Creating black smoke, the smoke was so ticked that it could manifest in a solid-state in any second. Even though this energy was special and only Zed and maybe some rare individuals could replicate this energy a little but this energy was special for Zed it could be sensed by the Immortals of this world. The sky above Zed looked like it could be shattered in any moments, but you couldn't hear any ghost crying after all they were all eaten by Zed. The earth trembled like it was an earthquake. At this moment Zed's body was like a bottle that is constantly filling up with his hate but the hate is so great that the bottle had cracks and the energy started to manifest out of Zed's body.

In the sky appeared tens of thousands of Immortals, the weakest of them being Golden Immortals while ninety percent were Earth Celestials. The sky appeared to be full of them. Once they sensed this energy the Immortals put aside all other matters and allied to destroy the being who caused this energy. All Immortals all around the world are present here, even the hidden dragons who hide in shallow waters didn't miss it.

"What an ominous energy!"

"Such Killing Intent!"

"We need to destroy him now, or we will all die right here and now!"

Zed seemed that he discovered them. He was looking at them.



The energy started to channel in him at a faster rate visible to the naked eye.


"So... you hate me that much?..."

"All of you, every one of you just betray and hate me that much?!"

"Again and again, over and over again!"

The Immortals ignored Zed's blabbering and all of them started channeling their energy in a single spot. A big golden palm appeared in the spot they channeled their energy, the size of it kept increasing until it was the size of an ocean.

The attack seemed to be prepared to be launched.


All the Immortals roared at the same time releasing the big hand. The big golden hand started to go at Zed at a high speed.

The hand was closer and closer by Zed by the moments. When the hand was just 10 meters Zed said something.

"why... WHY"

"Why am I betrayed, again and again, and again, why do you hate me so much?"


Zed body who was already over the full capacity of containing the energy was being filled again by energy. Zed eyes which were already pure black eyes with liquid concentrated hate energy were suddenly are blood Red. Zed aura which was already ominous suddenly exploded and expanded instantly. Zed's aura was so big that it covered a part of this world. The Immortals had cold sweat on their face. The attack plus this aura made them to their very limits any more than this and they'll die of over-exhaustion. But Zed's body started to grow bigger and bigger. The hate inside him couldn't be contained by Zed's body so it made Zed's body bigger to be able to sustain it. The energy went in every fiber and muscle of Zed's body, every meridian, and point filling it witch energy to their very limit.

A single step of Zed made the planet tremble a little. Zed bloodshed eyes looked at the big eyes and the cultivators.


Zed speed forwards the golden hand. Zed's body was already much bigger than the hand. He instantly catches it, he looks at the frowned Immortals then at the hand which he threw it into his mouth. The hand arrived in his stomach then BOOOM his stomach instantly expanded then resized itself to the previous size. From Zed's mouth could be seen as a golden smoke that appeared to be dominated by the black energy rendering it useless.

Zed aura once again started growing at an alarming rate leaving the Immortals fear going past their limits, some of them kneeled to the ground, while others ha da stern face looking at Zed, they already knew they were dead but they wanted to look at him in their very lasts moments. The immortals weren't scared to just die after all if they had a would they'll reincarnate and have a new chance to go to their peak power but they doubted that this energy would let their souls go, this energy was so impure and crazy that it would absorb everything it would come in contact with. And it will devour it, it will devour even the void.

Zed had only a last strand of consciousness the rest of it was filled with hate and madness, but with only this consciousness he then channeled all his energy in his right punch.

Every last of it. The colossal energy concentrated in Zed's punch rapidly. Zed body went back to normal except its punch was pure black. The Immortals thought they were saved but at this moment Zed' last bit of consciousness was slowly dominated by the hate.

With his last strength and tears in his eyes, he muttered to the immortals a question.

"Why... Why do you hate me so much?"

The Immortals realized what Zed went through and what they have done and they felt ashamed in what, they were so stupid and didn't realize it sooner. They suddenly looked at Zed with tears in the eyes and all of them kowtowed in unison.

"We are sorry we accept our punishment!"

With Zed, the last drop of his strand of consciousness threw the punch toward them.


All the concentrated energy was released at once tearing apart reality itself.

All turned black, the world, the sky, the earth everything.

'Hah... At least it was a painless death'


When he suddenly opened his eyes he didn't reincarnate but something new was in front of his eyes.

A big white figure formed of pure energy was sitting on a chair with a big desk in front of him. One the desk you could see a big hammer. He looked like a judge.


It seemed it was Zed's turn. The big figure looked at him with eyes full of dominance, like he was absolute and all others need to tow in front of him.


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