Hate System
100 Chapter 100
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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100 Chapter 100

Chapter 100

'Oh shit! where did I end up again?'

|Well, we are gonna see|

'What do you mean by that..'

He didn't have the time to finish that thought because he was interrupted by the white energy formed by pure energy.

Zed saw that to every person that comes in front of him a paper was generated in front of the white figure.

"Let's see what I have here"

On the desk, something was happening. There was something that was created. A paper, the figure tried to catch it but stopped because he saw that it's continuing.2 papers, 3 papers...

Cold sweat appeared on the figure's head.

'Holy fuck what the hell did this guy did?'

A big pile of paper stayed on the desk.

Zed was a little surprised but angered as well.

'Why the fuck it's so long, I didn't do many things, it must be my good deeds, that's why there are so many papers'

The figure started reading the papers while Zed stared at him. The figure read at a very fast speed one 30 seconds he was already done reading all that pile of papers.

"Zed, 18 years old, gender male, today you'll be judged for all your actions and will go to heaven or hell depending on them"


Zed could only gulp in the hope he will go to heaven. But he suddenly made a stern face, after all, he was very founded that he did many good things in his life so he was 100% sure he will go to heaven.

"I already read through all your data and deduced that you will go to hell, goodbye"

"WAIT! what, why?"

"I saved a guy and his family from starving and being beaten"

Zed remembered of Dao Lin and his family.

"And you killed them remember?"


"But I saved a brother and a sister from thieves"

"But you still killed them"


Zed fell silent.

"But its only 3 people and a family why must I go to hell for only this?"

"Holy Fuck do you even have the face to ask me this?!"

"You killed an entire world twice!"

"Enslaved a Goddess"

"Killed a God"

"Infested a city with a virus"

"Tortured peoples with inhumane techniques"


He continued with a looking talk about all he did. While Zed only listened with a red face. After a long scold from him, the figure knocked on the desk with the hammer and Zed found himself in a cell.

"Holy fuck is this hell? It's just a fucking prison!"


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