Hate System
104 Chapter 104
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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104 Chapter 104

Chapter 104

"Human, what did you do to get this powerful in such a short amount of time?!"

Diablo was flabbergasted, last time he could toy with this human and he survived with just a little luck but now this fella surpassed him how could he the almighty son of the devil be surpassed by a mere human?!

"Such a rude way to say hi to an old friend of yours"

"But... that doesn't matter anymore does it?"

"I think you already know why I came here?"

Diablo was confused by this question he also wondered why.

Zed could only laugh when he saw his reaction.

"Hahaha, All I want is YOU!"

"As you may not know I have a place just for you and my minions"

"Dream on, I would rather die than be your minion"

"So what, if you die you will go to hell and I would bet and kill you again and again until you will accept"


Diablo didn't have any response to that affirmation, because he was right if he died he would practically respawn here, he will die only if his soul would be destroyed if not like any normal person he will be reincarnated but because he is the son of hell and because of all his acts he will respawn in hell, but he didn't give up hope because he still needed to beat him, after all in front of absolute power everything else is meaningless, but if he really succeeds then that would be something catastrophic for him as well. He saw how he used his Minions as meat shields the last time, if he succeeds in making him his own minion then he could only say goodbye to his life and conscience, it was more terrible than actual death.

All he could do now was to win the battle, this was a battle to the death, no it was more than that, it was a battle after the death because they will continue battling until one of them surrender because they will respawn in hell x times ore if they soul gets destroyed. So it was a battle of determination.

"Very well human, we shall see who gets victorious"

IDiablo wasn't scared shit, he was the almighty Prince of Hell how could he be scared of something if he would be scared of battling how could he even show his face in public. Even if his soul gets destroyed or is tortured infinitely he won't ever be scared and accept everything.

"Hahaha That's Diablo that I know"

But even so, when battling a freak like Zed Diablo could feel a cold breeze which made him tremble for a second.

IDiablo thought that he could have an advantage because he thought he was a human and his Body was weaker than his so he attacked him in a melee fight.

"Catch my move human"

A powerful move was discharged from IDiablo going to Zed's chest.

"Likewise bitch!"

Zed threw a punch towards IDiablo punch which was imbued with boundless resounding explosive force.

The Force they emanated was past the level of a nuclear bomb.

It felt like a 2 suns explosion.

The magma and land near it were destroyed as well. Even the business like build near was reduced to ashes. The Devil was there. Although he was a devil IDiablo surpassed his father by leaps and bounds so he was weaker than him. He barely survived because he wasn't in the epicenter of the explosion but he was still quite injured.

The moment he was injured he ran with all his might far from them but still to be able to spectate his battle.

The prison was destroyed as well, The monsters, beasts, humans ... were freed but first killed then they respawned there. The roamed the entire hell. While others started fights between themselves.

The again explosion after explosion resounded one after another. The prisoners were killed again and again.

IDiablo was tired after all he specialized in magic but Zed was a pure melee freak with some ranged attacks.

IDiablo used blink and teleported back a little.

Zed said with a smile while having his fist in his palm.

"What, tired already?

"Human don't you dare underestimate me, I'm the Prince of hell!"

"Shut up already prince or whatnot I don't give a fuck"

"Tier 7 Magic Black Javelin!"

A black javelin went toward Zed at sound speed.

"You're still using these shitty attacks?!"

"I'm disappointed"

Zed deflected the attack with a hit with his knife. The attack was deflected but Zed's knife was destroyed.

"Tsk I liked that knife"

The black javelin went toward the prisoners who were celebrating that they didn't die anymore and thought this was the end and now they were free.





IDiablo already knew that he wasn't his opponent so he tried to fly toward the exit of hell.

Zed already knew what he was thinking and stopped him.

"Wait don't kill me, I can give you important information!"

Zed punch stopped midway. He was quite interested in his offer.

"Ok I won't kill you"

"You have to swear an oath"

"I Zed swear to heaven and earth that if I kill you I'll go in hell"


"Between the exit of heaven and earth Exist a core which is like a giant ball made of pure energy of yin and yang, that is the core of Heaven and Earth if you absorb it you can make a wish come true"

Zed was flabbergasted upon hearing this.

|Quest: Absorb the Core of Heaven and Earth and reincarnate|

|Penalty: Slicing and regrowing your Ding Dong for 10 years straight|


"Now I can leave right?"


IDiablo turned toward the exit of hell and was preparing to go and inform god but ...


His soul was instantly eaten the moment IDiablo turned his back towards Zed.

"WEEEA, Even your soul tastes bad and spicy"

How could he just let him go like that?!

He could make him his minion but who would need a coward like him in his team?


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