Hate System
105 Chapter 105
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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105 Chapter 105

"Whe...Where are you going?"

The devil was left speechless by Zed. He actually defeated his son. From the moment he was born he was already stronger than him. He trained him with all his resources and might all these years till he was comparable to a mobile nuclear launcher fortress. He was invincible. He was almost as powerful as God. God was just a leap over him. Just a year or two and he would be equal to him. But then this MONSTER appeared here. He killed, made havoc in the entire hell. He battled with his son as equals, no he appeared like he was playing with him. Just this notion could make him shiver from fear. If one spectated his battle they could think he was using hacks.

But now he just almost destroyed the hell and he was going as nothing happened, he was curious to ask where he wants to go.

Zed looked towards the devil.

"Me I'm just going to reincarnate"

"What?! But the only way to reincarnate if you're condemned to hell is to..."

"No, no you don't want to do what Am I thinking right?"

"You bet I am"

"No, no! Monsters, Beasts guards... stop him if he destroys the core of Heaven and Earth the entire Heaven and Hell are going to be completely destroyed and we will die too, pulverized from all existence, don't even think about reincarnation!"

At this moment all beings here shot a glance toward Zed. Attacking from all directions. Giant beasts like the oceans and planets, little insects the size of microscopes all sizes and species, races, and so on attacked him.

If you wanted to make a book containing all species of monsters, beasts, insects... The sorry to say but you would need to be a fucking retard to do that. There were so many here that even stars appeared to be a few compared to them.

When they attacked Zed, from Zed's perspective it looked like the sky is going to collapse on him.


'Shit Need to make a run for it'

Zed made his mind and started flying with all his might toward the crack hole in a certain place not far away with him.

He escaped through the crack but only to see God grinning and an army of countless angels standing there waiting for him.

"I'm fucked up"

The Core was just a hundred meters from him. But for Zed this hundred meters appeared like neons apart from him.

In the back was the army of hell and in front was the army of God.

He was in a dilemma. He didn't know what to choose.

'You know what? Fuck it, both!"

He didn't even finish but he already saw the devil, he was already in the right of God as a dog, the army of hell then proceeded and combined with the army of heaven in just a second of time.

Then an idea popped up in Zed's mind. And a grin was present on his face.

He suddenly punches the earth beneath him creating some dust covering him. After a few seconds the dust dissipated and Zed was still there standing.

The God and the devil we're worried a little, they thought Zed had a trick but he just punched the earth from realizing he is screwed.

"Puny human this was meant to happen from the moment you were against me, now die"

"Attack him!"


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