Hate System
107 Chapter 107
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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107 Chapter 107

Chapter 107

"Hahahha who would though that this puny human would throw himself at death so stupidly, get him!"

"You scared me a second back there, I thought you would do something if you absorbed the core but you are dead, even though earth and heaven will be chaotic for a time it can be repaired over time"

Countless figures, beasts, demons every creature Jumped toward Zed.

They wanted to tear him, hack him, kill him apart. All beings landed on Zed's body.

"Puny human this was your outcome from the very beginning"

A slight voice could be heard, even though it was fast and you could barely hear it all beings present heard it. But this very voice changed everything.



The ground vibrated, the earth and heaven looked like it was shattering apart.


A colossal explosion was made from Zed's location.

A giant black dragon was engulfing everything in flames.

A strong bear-like shadow hacked everything apart.

Shadow figures started a killing spree with the beings here. The beings could barely put a fight in front of them.

They look appeared like they were true demons. Even the true demons were pale in comparison.It was like they needed to kill someone so they could breathe.

Zed went toward God at full speed.


Just the exchanges were very powerful. One could destroy half a planet with that punch.

God was evenly matched with Zed right now. It had an indignation expression on his face it was enraged.

'A mere human could fight equally with me?!'

'I would become a laughing stock if others could hear this'

"No, I refuse to be equal to an ant-like human!"

"Power of heaven and earth hear my call and borrow me your powers!"

At this moment God's body became completely white. With rays of white energy radiating from him.

"Are you trying to become a disco ball?'

"Come here you retard!"

But Zed merely gave him a glance before he made a slap toward him.


The power was too powerful it was at least 10 times stronger than his power.

Zed was severely injured by just that slap.

"What happened ant, do you know who you were dealing with now?"

"What? What the fuck did you just say?!"

Zed was enraged completely now. If it was one thing he hated it was someone bragging in front of him.

'system use my hate as fuel'

|Are you sure, you remember what happened last time right?|

'Pff I will reincarnate if I die so it doesn't matter'

|Using host's hate as fuel...|

Zed could already feel that sensation in his whole existence.



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