Hate System
109 Chapter 109
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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109 Chapter 109

The explosion was enormous. Zed slowly closed his eyes with a big grin on his face. He was happy when he remembered God's expression when he killed him. It was satisfying.

After that everything went black.

Just a monotone voice could be heard.

|Initiating Reincarnation|


From pure black, a white tunnel could be seen in the distance. The white tunnel grew bigger and bigger from second to second. I was getting nearer Zed by each second. After some seconds Zed went through the white tunnel. Everything was pure white.

He could feel his body again now.

He slowly opened his big round eyes.

He was in a woman's embrace.

He looked around slowly.

He was in a hospital. The doctor and the assistants were all smiling with some sweats on their foreheads. Clearly exhausted by the procedure. Zed looked towards the woman who embraced him.

She had pure blond hair. Green eyes and a warm smile on her face. She looked pure and beautiful.

'Have I been reincarnated in the world I committed suicide?'

'HHAHAHA it's time for a "little" revenge"

"Mrs.Li Na as you can see the operation was a success he is a healthy boy, now if you excuse me I have other patients"

"Thank you doctor"

"Haha... no need it's my duty"

"Lady look at him how handsome he looks, you're blessed by the heavens to have such a cute child"

One of the assistants couldn't contain herself when she saw the adorable baby.

'Blessed by the heavens?! More like cursed by heaven and hell, it's not like they exist anymore HAHHAHA'

"Lets put him a name"

"Good Idea!"

"What about Tang Ximen?"

'Ugh, what a boring name!'

Zed appeared like he was going to vomit.

Seeing his reaction this meant a big no.

Li Na put Zed slowly on the bed and started discussing with the assistants about Zed's name.

Meanwhile, Zed crawled slowly but surely toward the small desk behind the bed. There was some paper and some ink. Zed put his hand in the ink and started to write something in a barely decipherable way.

It was a big ZED on the paper, barely readable.

"Lady look the kid is doing something"

The three women went toward Zed who was around 2 meters distance. They were scared that Zed would fall and hurt himself. Li Na caught Zed in her embrace again.

"Such a nasty boy"

"Look how you dirty you are now"

Her attention then went toward the ink. She then saw the paper and saw the big ZED on it.

"Zed... you want that name?"

Zed appeared happy when she said that name.

"Zed huh... Okay you'll be Zed from now on"


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