Hate System
110 Chapter 110
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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110 Chapter 110

Chapter 110

Zed and his mother Li Na prepared to go home after signing some papers.


The door of their room was slammed and a handsome man with brown eyes, black hair,slender figure could be seen rushing toward Zed and his mother.

Just when Zed prepared to take action the man looked at his mother with a smile and tears came out of his eyes.

"Honey, it is a boy or a girl?"

"As you can see it's a healthy and handsome little boy"

Li Na appeared quite happy seeing that he came.

"Sorry I couldn't come earlier I talked to my boss so I can come here and the traffic was agglomerated like hell"

"It's nothing dear, just you coming is enough for me"

'Ugh honey here, dearie that"

Zed simply couldn't listen to words like these. He felt intoxicated.

The man slowly got Zed from his mother's arm and was looking at him with a proud and happy look.

"Here my son, I'm your daddy Huang Tian"

"Honey, what's his name?"

Li Na was taken a little aback by this question, she reluctantly said in a low tone:



"Such a weird name, how come you chose this name?"

"Well, he chose it for himself"


Huang Tian thought he misheard her but after she explained he was quite surprised.

'Maybe it's just my imagination, but this is the fate I suppose'

"Zed huh..."

Huan Tian looked at Zed with a thoughtful expression.

"Let' take Zed to see his home"


Li Na approves, she was also happy and was impatient to see his reaction to his new home.


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