Hate System
111 Chapter 111
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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111 Chapter 111

@@Chapter 111

Li Na and Huan Tian took Zed to his new home in their car.

It was an old fashioned car. The car seemed to be pretty old. But Zed couldn't care less about it.

Existing slowly the car, a big mansion could be seen.

The size was just giant. The color was pure white with aquamarine stripes in several places. It has a modern structure with many pillars. A person could stand there several hours admiring its beauty.

Zed's eyes started sparkling when he saw his new house.

'Such a beautiful house~ It's indeed made for me'

"Ok, Zed let's go to your new house~"

Li Na disturbed Zed's thoughts with this, but he wasn't the least angry about it, he was just happy he can live in such a place.

But life isn't that easy...

They went a few steps ahead and went toward the right of the big mansion.

On the right of I was a pretty old house.It looked average.

'Really life, Am I such a misfortuned person?'

'This is already my third life, couldn't you do something good for me at least once?!'

Zed's expectations were destroyed instantly by his new house.

'Oh well, I don't care anymore, anyway I'll just get to my peak power and get everything I want again!'



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