Hate System
112 Chapter 112
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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112 Chapter 112

Chapter 112

Author's note: so a person commented that he is quitting BECAUSE the mc is killing innocent people. So this is pretty much a chapter especially made for him ;) Have fun~

"Dear here are the acts of the child, put them somewhere safe"

"Sure honey"

'Such a lovely family...Ptui boring!'


|Yes, host?|

'Buy me an old age potion to help me have an 18-years old body fast'

|Old Age Potion|

|Description: making a being body transform into an 18-years old body|

|Price:10.000.000 Hate Points|

'Pretty cheap now that I killed a god, angels and many demons'

|Purchase complete|

|Administrating the potion in the host's body|




Zed's baby body which was in his mother's arms started growing.

"Huh?! What's happening, dear?!"

"I don't know!"

"Zed's body started increasing in size all of a sudden?"

After some seconds Zed's body reached the 18-years old age, he was fully naked right now but he didn't even care.

"Mother, Father..."



The two of them said it almost at the same time.

"Please help, it hurts me very much!"

"Zed mommy's here, she's gonna help you right now"

"Father's here too"

Although they were scared at first now that their child was in pain how could they not feel bad about it?

The hugged him with tears in their eyes.

'System buy me a red dagger made of the most durable material existing'

|Red Killer|

|Description: a weapon made a long time ago, it's almost indestructible, the handle is made of the most durable wood, Black Matter Wood, while the blade it's made from the stardust of the big bang explosion, its red color is made from the countless lives it took|

|Price: Hate Points|

A blood-red knife appeared in Zed's hand.

"Daddy, mommy"

"yes dear?"

"I wanna kill you~"




Two clean cuts in their throats from which lotuses made of blood started appearing, falling then toward the floor.

"Ahhh~ now that I killed those fuckers I feel a little better"

"Such a lovely family made me sick so bad!"

Zed looked at the heads that were on the floor. He looked toward his mother's head.


He kicked it like a soccer ball. The head then recoiled in the door then called to the ground again.



Zed didn't even look at his father's head as he directly stomped it with his Fett shattering it in pieces.

Zed looked around to see much blood he was happy to see such a good color.

Zed also absorbed their souls after all where would be the fun if they died just one time, if the soul got absorbed by Zed they will be tortured to no end.

Zed got the acts from his father's hand.

"Good I'll need those for later"

"Ptui! Am I becoming a retard?"

"Why the fuck would I need those if I'm so op?!"


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