Hate System
113 Chapter 113
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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113 Chapter 113

Chapter 113

"Now Now let's get some clothes via my lovely system store"

In front of Zed's appeared a window with countless clothes. A set of clothes attracted Zed's attention.

It was a black T-shirt with 2 red stripes on it, dark-brown pants and 2 black shoes.

He simply found these on his tastes. Others might disagree with his tastes... if they lived enough to.

Zed put his knife in his dark-brown pants. Others could clearly see the knife.

"Wait... how could I forget about a really useful thing for me here?"

"A phone!"

Zed went again on the system store and bought an iPhone 3G Kings Button. Apparently the most expensive phone on the planet...But who would give a fuck about it if they had absolute power? Money is the easy part after you have absolute power.

"Good now that I have everything it's about time to go and meet some people from the past"

Zed opened the house door and went toward a certain path of the city.

It was a dark alley.

After some moments some noises could be heard from his back. When he looked back he saw some familiar individuals. It was the gang who beat the shit outta him and stole almost all the money from him. Others might forget about them but he wouldn't forget them.

"Hey little kid, if you know what's good for you hand over the money otherwise don't blame us from being ruthless hehe~"

The thieves all smiled and laughed when they saw him.

Zed's face immediately made a devil grin.

*author's note: ouch I feel pretty bad for what's going to happen, so this is a warning because next will be some really bad stuff*

Zed started to laugh insanely.

"Oh oh oh my 'friends' if you would know how much I missed you"

"uh, boss this kid seems to be mentally ill should we...

The thief couldn't finish his sentence before they saw that Zed pulled a knife from his pocket.

"now now, let's start with you!"

Zed pointed his knife at what appeared to be the thieves' boss.

"What's my name?"

"Ugh, why the fuck would I care, do you really think that because you have a knife you are invincible?"


The thieves' boss's body was sliced in half instantly after he finished talking.

"Wrong next one~"

The thieves immediately ran after they saw their boss being killed instantly.

Zed then swung his knife horizontally and sliced them in 2 halves.

"System resurrect them"

The next moment their bodies looked new and they immediately stood right dumbfounded by what happened.

"Didn't we just die?"

"Yeah what happened"


"UGH! Loisy bitches shut the fuck up, you even failed to remember my name~"

"Listen up my name is ZED"




The thieves immediately reminded of him.

"It can't be you died not much longer ago, I even saw you in the News!"

"You just died and resurrected and now you find that strange, is something wrong with your brain?"

He wanted to retort but couldn't find anything to say against that.

"Now let's move on to the next question~"

"Also everyone that tries to run I'll kill them then resurrect them so please keep that in your minds"

"What will I do with you?"

"You will let us leave right?"

"You will beat us up?"

"You will send us to jail?"






Zed sliced them in half again and resurrect them again.

"Wrong ~"

"I will play with you until I'm bored and satisfied"

Zed then bought an Iron Hammer from his system store.

The thieves then could feel a cold shiver on their backs but none of them tried to escape because all that would happen was them dying then resurrecting.

Zed's first thing to do after he had that iron hammer was to hit the thieves' boss head with it barely making him conscious.

He took of his pants and he saw a small worm with 2 Peebles.



The thieves's boss started to scream from the top of his lungs.

Zed was quite displeased with him screaming that loud so the moment he heard him scream he hit him again on the right side of his face. Making him unable to scream.

Zed then proceeded again with his hitting the mole game. After the boss died he resurrected him and did the same thing over and over again. Then he resurrected him, got a pair of scissors then cut his Peebles apart in front of him. He opened his mouth and threw his Peebles in his mouth then he closed his mouth forcibly making him swallow them.

He then proceeded to cut his worm. The expression the boss made when he felt that was priceless.

After some time he resurrected him a few times before smashing his head apart with his hammer. Then he got bored and killed him again and absorbed his soul. He then went toward the rest of the thieves with an iron hammer in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other hand.

The thieves looked like pigs to slaughters.

"Who's next hahaha?!"




After a while corpses full of blood could be seen in the dark alley.

Just as Zed wanted to go he reminded himself that it wasn't good to throw garbage like this on public so he got the corpses and put them in trash cans.


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