Hate System
115 Chapter 115
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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115 Chapter 115

Chapter 115

In a certain street, a beautiful house could be seen. It was yellow in color with big windows with a big and black door. It had a water pool in its backyard. In the front was a little garden with various type of vegetables and some flowers.

Although it wasn't big it was a very cute place. A man was smoking a cigarette in the kitchen reading the news while his wife was cleaning the dishes.

"Hey honey look, there was a genocide near the place that bastard worked"

"Really? Hahaha, I feel bad for the men that died but I'm happy when I remember that that bastard suicided near!"

"Ouch! the bodies were found more like minced meat while there were some heads severely injured. Even the policemen died. The bodies were squashed to the ground. The ground where the bodies of the policemen were found had the form of a fist wtf"

"Hush! Why must you talk about something like this just after dinner?! Do you want me to vomit?"

"Haha... Sorry"

They would seem like a normal family. But that was only a facade. After all, you can't judge people just by their looks.

Nobody knows what's inside someone's heart, only God himself would.

Even Zed couldn't tell, but why the fuck would he care, if he set his mind to kill them then not even gods themselves couldn't protect them. They can't even save themselves from him no need to say about others.

Knock knock

"I'll go respond, continue with the dishes"


The door opened.

When that man saw who was behind the door he was like a statue. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"Hi, Dad I'm back~ Did you miss me?"



He couldn't finish his sentence before Zed launched a punch toward him. The power of the punch wasn't sufficient to kill him but that was what Zed wanted.

The man which was actually Zed's father hit the wall with his back before falling on his stomach rolling on the ground and vomiting some blood.

His wife was startled by that sound and came to see what happened. When she saw in what condition her husband is she was shocked but when she saw who was the person in front of her husband she was so shocked that she fell on her knees because with her mouth agape. She wanted to say something but she couldn't from the shock.

Zed looked toward a window with a smile on his face.

"Ahh~ such a beautiful house, but the color doesn't match let paint it RED!"

"I know where I can find the color~"


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