Hate System
116 Chapter 116
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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116 Chapter 116

Chapter 116

Zed went toward his mother slowly.

He smiled toward her.

His mother was scared shitless but when she reminded of her husband state she forced and awkward smiled.


Zed launched a punch at her mouth.

She hit the wall with her head. Blood started gushing out of the lips and mouth and a little from her nose, also the back of her head.

"I'm quite impressed that you can smile at me after all the things you two did to me"

"System revive them"


His parents looked at each other shocked.

Weren't they dead a moment ago? What happened?

Zed ignored their shock and went toward his dad.

"Dear father, do you remember when you bribed a police officer to turn a blind eye when you were beating me almost dead?"



His dad couldn't respond before Zed bought a hammer from the system and hit his dad's head.

His head was instantly destroyed. Like stepping on an orange.

His blood instantly drew the walls of the house red.

Her wife peed herself at this sight.

"Dear mother, do you remember when you talked to human traffickers to sell me,2 times?!"

"I was lucky that the police found out and they maid you two pay a hefty sum of money, but you beat the shit out of me because you were mad you couldn't sell me!"

Zed bought a flame thrower and instantly used it on her.


Scream and shrieks resounded the entire house.

"Revive them!"

This time he looked at both of them and said.

"Or when you employed a bunch of beggars to beat me until I didn't move because you saw I was having a good mood?"

This time Zed bought a grenade.

He slowly activated it and place It in front of them while he was standing behind it looked at them with disgrace.

They wanted to run but the grenade exploded too quickly and they couldn't escape in time.

And this continued like this for 2 whole days. Until Zed repaid them for everything that they have done to him. At the final Zed chopped them slowly with his knife, slowly enjoying their cries. Before summoning some dogs to feed them.After that Zed took their souls and slowly chewed them.

The police didn't come because Zed used the system to make an illusion barrier. From the exterior of the house, it appeared that it was just a normal house and it was fine, not even a sound could be heard from its interior. But its interior was just too gory to look at.


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