Hate System
117 Chapter 117
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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117 Chapter 117

@@Chapter 117

After Zed was done with his 'business' he went leisurely on the street.

It was already dark outside. Around 11 PM.

He went into a park and sat on a bench. He breathed a sigh of relief. Today was a big day for him. He finally got revenge on the people he hated. Now he relaxed his body on the bench. And was wondering what to do now. He was feeling that something is being missed.

He decided to forget about it and he turned on his iPhone.

He went on youtube and looked at the trend list.

1.Re: Life trailer

2.Best PVP players in Re: Life

3.The game that changed everything Re: Life


Zed was flabbergasted, the first ten places in the trend list were taken by this game called Re: Life.

'Hmm, So many things have happened since I got transported to another world'

He searched for more information about this game.

'To play it you need a VR set specially made for this game.'


'Oh... It's a fantasy type game'

'UGH. I've had enough of that type but for some reason, my blood is boiling and my heart is beating faster'

'It feels like I missed this sentiment'

'I've forgotten this sentiment...'

'what was it name...'

'Oh well better play the game first and think of that later'

Zed went to his parents' house (the parents that born him the second time).

After all, he couldn't play in public, could he?

He bought the game via the system.

He initialized everything and all that was remaining was to start it.



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