Hate System
118 Chapter 118
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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118 Chapter 118

@@Chapter 118

Before that, he cleaned the house completely from the blood and pieces of corpses from his parents.

He threw them in a trash can.

Also, he bought another big trash can and wrote "NEW PIECES"

It was made for feature idiots that angered him...

He was just about to start the game until he heard someone shout:

"Get Out with your hand raised!"

"I repeat..."

"Oh fuck I just about to enter the game and this is what I get..."

He couldn't finish his sentence before all the policemen destroyed his door and entered his house by force. All the idiots... Ptui! I mean policemen gathered in his house.

Zed was already pissed of and didn't want to lose any more time. So he just raised his fist at them.

Endless killing intent and one could hear shrieks of angry ghosts and ghouls coming from his endless killing intent. The policemen were all like a chicken waiting to be slaughtered.

While some of the older policemen made a heart attack and died.

'Such weakling I didn't even punch them and they are already dead'

'But... that doesn't mean I won't punch!'


The force emitted by his punch instantly shredded their corpses to pieces. Blood? you could even bath there, so much blood was spilled.

"Ah... I just bought the trash can and now it's full..."

"Also I just cleaned the house..."

"System clean this shit for me"

|100 Hate Points|


Now that everything was settled.

He sat in his game cabinet and pressed start.



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