Hate System
119 Chapter 119
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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119 Chapter 119

@@Chapter 119

Everything went pure black.

Many bulbs of light could be seen traveling at speed of light beside him.

In his front, a window appeared it was liked that from his system it was just that it was black and the border was white.

On it, white letters could be seen.

[Re: Life]


Just before Zed could touch the start button something unexpected happened.

|Detecting an artificial system!|

|Activating HK mode (hack and dominate mode)|

From the pure abyss under Zed, a black tentacle touched instantly the window from the game.

[Hacking detected, activating protection mode!]

A barrier made of light surrounds the window. The tentacle was forced back. But nine other tentacles appeared.

The went toward the barrier like bullets/

When they reached the barrier, the barrier shuddered.

Then the tentacles started working as a drill.

Cracks appeared on the barrier. Easily destroying it in seconds.

The tentacles didn't stop and went toward the window instantly entering it like parasites.

The window color changed from black to red with white borders.

|HK complete|

|Congratulations host for getting an artificial system under your command|

"Ayah I have forgotten that the system is placed in my mind where it's invincible"

"Oh well, now that I have hacked the game's system I can have as much fun as I want in the game!"



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