Hate System
120 Chapter 120
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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120 Chapter 120

@@Chapter 120

Zed then pressed start on the window.

Different images of different classes appeared in front of Zed.

There were many classes Wizard, Warrior, Swordsman, close combat class, mage, druid, sorcerer, necromancer, and so on.

'Welp if I already hacked the game why wouldn't I have fun?'

"Game System (GS) make me a class which contains all classes powers"

[Creating new class 5%]





[Please give it a name]

"Name it Jack of all trades"

After that appeared a list of features for customizing his in-game character.

"GS just make it look like me"


After that appeared a box in which an in-game name needs to be put.

Zed put his name there and pressed done.

After that everything went black and in the next second he found himself in a rural village.

There were numerous players and NPCs. The player in this village was low leveled, even the strongest which Zed could see was level 23.

Above the players could be seen as a green bar and under it was the level and name.

There were other levels 1 like Zed that we're searching for party members to complete certain quests.

A part of 4 people went toward Zed they were level 1 like Zed.

"Hi, would you like to join our party? we're currently missing an assassin"

Zed currently wore a brown shirt and brown pants and had a little knife in his right pocket.

"Hmm sure why not, what quest it is?"

"Goblin Slaying"

"Uhh sure"



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