Hate System
121 Chapter 121
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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121 Chapter 121

@@Chapter 121

The brown hair woman which appeared to be their leader said:

"Good, now it's time to introduce ourselves"

"I'm Sleepy Flower, a mage"

"The big guy in the back Iron Will, a knight guardian"

"Hi, nice to meet you"

"The small guy beside Iron Will is named Nostalgic breeze, he is a healer"


"Please don't mind him he is like that with new people"

Zed didn't care but he was a little pissed off by him.

"And at last the blond beauty there is named Pink Arrow, she is a ranger"

She only glanced at him.

"Please don't be angry she is always cold like that, we are already used to it"

"Oh well, I'm Zed nice to meet you all, I rather not tell my class"

When they heard this they were a little angry but they kept it in.

Sleepy Flower was the first to break the silence.

"Oh since you don't want to say your class we won't force you."

The clearly saw that dagger in his pocket so they thought he was an assassin. It was quite evident but since he didn't want them to know, they kept it in.

Then they proceeded to the mission.

The location was a cave deep in a forest near the village.

The cave was humid, but the goblins were quite weak, even a child of the same height could beat one, so the mission was for beginners to accommodate with the game and its mechanics.

Zed was pretty surprised when he heard that the mission was about goblins, it reminded him of the fantasy world he once was in. A sense of nostalgia enveloped him.

In around half an hour of traveling, they reached the cave that the quest mentioned.



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