Hate System
122 Chapter 122
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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122 Chapter 122

Chapter 122

When they reached the cave they observed the surroundings. It was quite silent. But in rest, it appeared like a normal forest. The cave was big and quite dark inside, the humidity was so and so.

The just went in the cave, not even 10 steps and they saw 5 goblins 2 with stone spears while the rest were barehanded.

They looked almost exactly like the ones in the fantasy world, just that there were minor differences, like the size of their eyes, movements, and so on.

The goblins saw them and instantly screamed for help.

The 4 people were in battle formation. The guardian knight was first blocking the attacks with his wooden shield. The ranger kept shooting one arrow after another at the goblins. The arrows were quite weak but after 2-3 arrows a goblin would be dead. The mage made a level 1 fireball and shooter at a barehanded goblin which was instantly killed. The healer kept healing Iron Will.

Zed was beside Iron Will slashing with his rusty knife the goblins. They wouldn't die instantly but after 2 slashes they will die. After around 2 minutes they killed all of them.

But something unexpected happened, a big muscular goblin appeared from ahead.

He was a Goblin Champion.

'This is a coincidence right?'

'Really?! It's the same as then, why couldn't this NPC tell us when there's a goblin champion or just normal goblins, why the fuck couldn't they just tell us accurate information'

While Zed kept cursing in his heart he Goblin Champion already saw them and went toward them at high speed.

After 2 seconds he was already sending a punch toward Iron Will. He collapsed to the ground with his green bar plummeting to 0.

The mage was instantly killed, while 1 arrow hit him.

It couldn't even make a serious injury, more like a scratch. But his attention was at the person who shot it. It was Pink Arrow. The Goblin Champion instantly ran toward her sending a punch toward her. Her HP bar was almost depleted and she was in pain. Seeing this the Goblin Champion was amused and started laughing, then he killed her with another punch.

The Healer pissed his pants and wanted to run but The Goblin Champion saw that and leaped toward him killing him instantly.

A healer Defense was very thin, that was common knowledge to everyone who played an RPG in their life.

All that remained was Zed and him.

The Goblin Champion laughed when he saw him, but he stopped seeing that he wasn't in despair he was rather calm. He wasn't expecting this and it destroyed his mood.


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