Hate System
123 Chapter 123
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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123 Chapter 123

Chapter 123

For some reason, Zed threw his dagger on the floor.

"Ahh... I just hate when things repeat like this"

"It's boring right?"

"Doing the same thing as in previous life"

"Welp not!"

"At least not with me!"

"GS max out my strength stat"


Zed aura instantly erupted.

The goblin champion which was just a mob could also feel the increase in his strength and wanted to run but to no avail...

Zed already sent a punch toward him.

The punch landed squarely on his chest.

The punch went right through him.

For Zed, the goblin champion was like made of tofu.

He couldn't even feel something hard in him.

So he just chopped him with his hand again and again.

[Congrats you are level 6 now]

"Hmm, goblin champions gave more XP than I thought."

"Reset my level to 1"


"After all it's more fun to troll others in games"

"Welp at least for me"

He looked at the mincemeat on the ground before it despawned from there.

After that, there was just silence.

"Teleport me to spawn"


After a blink, Zed found himself at spawn with several people from his party.

"He also died..."

"Ohh God what are the chances of a Goblin Champion to spawn right in our first mission?!"

"Welp at least we all died together"


"I'll leave the part!"

"Wait... what?"

"It was just a mission"

"Bla bla bla I don't care I'll do what I want!"

"I said I'll leave the party and that's it!"

"No, I can't accept a reason like that!"

"And what can you do about it?"

Zed was getting a little irritated by them. He clearly stated that he will leave why did they want to stop him so badly?

"I provoke you to a duel the winner decide what the loser will do, do you dare to accept it?"


"Ok let's go to the PVP arena!"

"No, let's do it right here!"

"If we do it right here the guard NPC will...

He couldn't finish his sentence before Zed attacked all of them wit ha punch.

Apparently their HP bar went to 0 instantly.

Just as they were to respawn a notification appeared in front of them:

[This account was banned]

[Reason: If I said I'll leave the party then that means I'LL LEAVE THE PARTY!]

Zed really felt quite good now that he had this game system.

He could do all he wanted and no one could stop him.

Except if the game developers found about this.

In the eyes of strangers, they looked like they were having a heated discussion

and they left after it. So Zed didn't have to worry about what happened.


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