Hate System
124 Chapter 124
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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124 Chapter 124

@@Chapter 124

'Teleport me to the biggest PVP arena in this game'


Zed arrived at a collosal arena.

It was like a roman colloseum where gladiators battled.

Sensing the cheers of the players , the sounds of a battle.

Screams of determination to win and so on.Zed started feeling the strange feeling again.

Something which he missed he felt like he found it.

Zed went and registered to participate in this battle contest.

Today was the tenth Grand PVP Tournament.So many players started to participate.

"Hey have you heard that the number 1 player in this game is going to participate?"

"Are you kidding me? He only participated in 1 tournament and he won with no armor"

"Hahaha with his level and stats do you think he will need armor?"

"His weapons are all grenades and bombs!"

"He truly is a maniac obsessed with explosion"

"Everytime he battled a huge explosion would take place, that is his signature move"

"More over he has a special class Bomb Necromancer"

"He can summon dark humanoid figures with grenades, it's a pity that he only used it twice"

"One time when he wanted to test it and the other when he battled with 4 Super Guilds"

"In that war he massacred the 4 Super Guild beyond recognition"

"They deeply regreted their decision"

"I heard that he even reached max level"

"Yeah, one time he got bored and beat the shit out of a super guild leader and at the final he forced him to write on the super guild leader fore head his name "Medu""

"He must be feeling so ashamed for that"

"Yeah,hahaha I almost can't wait for him at this tournament"

'Good, it seems that today tournament will be a very interesting one!'



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