Hate System
125 Chapter 125
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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125 Chapter 125

Chapter 125

The first match of Zed was against an LVL 759 great wizard. One of the most powerful players around here.

"Hey look that person was put against Dominik"

"Ahh... such lousy luck, he is one of the top 20 strongest players"

"His skills are quite powerful but his level is quite low compared to the rest of the top 20"

"Oh well it's his fault for having such bad luck"

Just at the end of the counter for the match to start, Dominik fainted, his HP bar hit 0.


"What just happened?!"

"Holy shit?!"

No one knew what's going on except Zed.

Did he beat him up so fast that anyone couldn't see him?

Did he use a powerful skill?

No all he did was using the GS to put a command: /kill Dominik

If Dominik heard how he was killed he would start cursing his eighteen generations of his ancestors.

But unfortunately for him, that was impossible for him now.

Also, Zed issued the GS to put him at level 1.


Because he found it quite funny to troll him like that.

In the past, he accidentally deleted his character in a certain game so he needed to start a new one starting from LVL 1. So he knew how painful it could be.

Zed could only grin from thinking about this.

After a second delay, big words appeared above the arena: Zed Won!

The rest of the matches were quite mundane and average. Except for the matches of the top 20.

They were quite interesting to watch.

There was a goddess which had fire and ice skills that were powerful. She was quite strong but unfortunately for her, she closed after two more matches against a level 871 swordsman.

Many of her fans were quite depressed seeing this but no one could say anything to the swordsman after all he did nothing wrong by winning a match, everyone has its motives for winning.

Zed already passed the semi-finals in the same way as his first match.

At last, the previous year's champion appeared before him.


[Lvl 999 Bomb Necromancer]

[HP 9999]


The colosseum exploded in cheers and screams of excited fans.


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